Why you should pay attention to Tai Lopez and how you’re missing out if you still think he’s a fraud.

A while back I wrote about Tai Lopez.

When he arrived on the scene I was really paying close attention to marketing trends and online figures because I wanted to start up my own business.

If you still think Tai Lopez is a fraud you are missing out on valuable marketing information and current trends; namely social media influencing.

Often when dissecting a figure like Tai, you need to look more at what he is DOING rather than what he is SAYING.

I thought his garage video was a gimmick, but all he did was leverage that to his advantage.

Since then he said he’s had 500 million or half a billion minutes of content watched!!

That’s crazy! He must be the most watched person of 2016. He is crushing it on social media right now.

And that’s where you can see his strategies at play. His business is very well structured.

tai lopez

Is Tai Lopez a fraud?

If I was going to jot down all the things that stand out for me it would look like this:

#1 Free car giveaways on social media to attract viewers. He’s at 1.2 million Instagram followers. I think of followers as traffic now, not fame.

#2 He has 2 new programs at 1k cost each. His Social Media Marketing Agency and Real Estate Course. 1k products at 1k enrolls is 1 million $$ in the bank.

#3 Excellent leveraging of affiliate networks. He routinely promotes guys that have helped him out and makes commissions. As such he promotes a Facebook guy named Adrien Morrison, Sam Ovens Consulting, Joel Soto advertising agency. This means he is exchanging email lists to further his reach and builds credibility. Total collaborations.

#4 and then the use of proper software and business set up with funnels and automation. Thinks like email capture and viewer re-engagement.

There are so many ways to kill it right now online. I am inspired by this guy because I’ve seen him grow from the beginning. Like in only 7 months he’s grown his business 100 fold at least. Granted it took some time before that when we didn’t see him…like when he was broke and living on his couch or farming with the Amish.

So ya, watch what people do. Look how his business is set up and try and see behind the scenes. That’s the best way to learn.

How about his Youtube advertisements? Everyone complains about the occurrence of them in their feed. haha, thats a good sign from a marketing perspective!!

Same thing with his emails…he will email you non stop like twice a day for a month. Is is spam or marketing?

I don’t think they care about junk mail. Either you’re going to trash it or you will click. And if they don’t send it you can’t click so YES SPAM IS GOOD IN MARKETING especially when its COMBINED with social media.

Cause all his videos have links to Youtube and his various social channels. Its really incredible the system he’s built.

We’re riding a new wave everyday you need to re imagine what you can do online- the game is changing.

Even the guys at WEALTHY AFFILIATE keep up with the game. If you’ve wanted to start an online business with a website now is the best time. This is the most complete online course that will help you out building a website. It easily surpasses anything else I’ve seen.

For me its a feedback loop because Tai is in my news feeds all the time. LOL. Because all your clicks are targeted and I keep clicking his videos, its like everywhere I look there he is. That’s GREAT marketing!!

Just get in the front of the people you want to hit. For him its 20 somethings who are maybe going to school or considering and are looking for a possible career path. He’s leveraging the idea of self education through the accumulation of reading books.

Thanks God , my mom had me reading early. I wasn’t allowed watching TV as a kid. I had a paper route at age 9.

Actually, I question the application of writing in a conversational tone vs proper English. For blog writing and emails it’s encouraged to write like this but at what cost does it have for English as a whole, will the language deteriorate?

But as for Tai’s language…he stays away from complicated terms and his message is generalized. This is how he indoctrinates the average consumer of his media and converts them into prospective business owners.

While the tech coordination is what you need its not what you want. You want a successful business but you need the website to get there. Always sell people what they want because they don’t know what they need when their looking for a solution to a problem.

Like I’m sure you’ve heard how if a guy wants to make a hole you need to sell him the drill but you cant do that if hes never seen a drill, you need to show him how to make the hole first then he knows to use the drill and will buy the drill.

That’s how Tai talks.

Unless you’ve inquired about becoming an affiliate for him then he talks to you straight about being his affiliate. And the preliminary entry for his affiliate program got tighter recently.

If you want to start affiliate marketing I suggest you look here first. Then when you’re ready you can apply to Tai’s program and make some serious cash.


  1. Marley Dawkins

    I agree with you, Tai Lopez can teach people a lot if people clean out their ears and actually listen unconditionally.

    Like you say he really has just leveraged his and others work to truly build a massive following online – I totally agree also when you say that you think of followers as traffic and not fame – i have seen that myself on my own online activities, so i know its true.

    People love to hate people that are succeeding, when really there is so much that can be learned from them – glad to see your smart enough to know that :)

    Keep up the great work Steven!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      He’s built a huge team, he’s not running it on his own. This thing has to scale.

      Thanks Marley


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