What Pokemon Go can teach you about increasing traffic and conversions.

UntitledAfter watching the Pokemon craze in New York City and then seeing the servers crash from capacity issues here in Canada I figured this would be a good topic to attract readers.

How is it this game went nuts so quickly, receiving the most downloads for a gaming app in the first week?

I’ve made a few notes that I would like to demonstrate that when used in conjunction with the techniques I’ve been teaching can help you to increase traffic and conversions.

First we have the level of familiarity concept which is another way of pre-framing. People were already watching the TV show, playing the video games, collecting the cards and other memorabilia. Otherwise, what the hell is a Pokemon? It didn’t take a huge effort to convince people about downloading this app because they already knew what it was about.

This is how in business you can have some staying power by having people know about your brand previously like Heinz ketchup everyone has had that brand of ketchup. If you build that level of familiarity with your brand over time you are good.

You have to stick to the same old Pokemon and game concepts of battling because that’s what people know. You’re going to have a lot of angry trainers if their Pikachu wasn’t in the game or if he was all of a sudden a water Pokemon. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, just stick to what works. What was new about this game……

When building a sales funnel you should always stick to a proven method of selling.

Now another big additional factor was the new technology incorporated into this game. Augmented reality gives the game a new breath of life and is a serious novelty. Well, not only a novelty, it is here to stay for a while and we will see more of it. This wasn’t the first app with augmented reality but you consider the pre-frame for Pokemon that exists and it figures.

I haven’t played this game but obviously there is a huge physical adventure mixed into the game, I mean you literally roam the real world hunting for augmented Pokemon on your handheld device.

That is the third reason it’s become so popular is the interactive nature of the game. If you’re aware of the game then by now you’ve seen all the other pokemon players. And that is great for the game because of the law of association like when you go out walking your dog and you meet other people with their dogs you are inclined to stop and chat with them. Immediately you have that common connection and interest.

Pokemon Go is overt in nature and encourages interaction with the physical environment so you are bound to meet other people while playing this game. I read that it would be an awesome feature if they made it so you can battle other trainers. That would ramp up the lasting power of this game for sure. As it is the social craze is strong right now.

The final conversion method is in the way all of these leveling up games work. You are required to assemble your awesome team of Pokemon which requires you to wander for hours on end and then level up your Pokemon through an endless series of battles. This is a typical commitment type of investment which hooks you into the game and generally the more hours you spend the more likely you are to complete the game or even pump money into it.




  1. Heathguy33

    Great post and I think it’s very true. In order to be efficient and maintain revenue. You must establish your brand like you said using the Heinz reference. This is great information and has given me ideas. I will share this post on my social media sites.

    Do you play Pokemon go?

    I will let you know how my idea goes. Thanks

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hey, Nice to hear from you again. I’ve never played Pokemon Go, I just notice it was trending so it makes for good conversation, especially on social media.
      keep me posted. See you.


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