What Is WordPress? My WordPress Review 2017

Build Customizable Websites Suited For Any Function With WordPress

I think I spend too much time drooling over cool looking websites and apps. I’m a fan of design and function and user compatibility. What sites have you been to that have been memorable? It’s a satisfying feeling being immersed in a platform that just does everything intuitively and feels right. Intelligent design never has you guessing what to do next. And if you get stuck then there are at least options to find your way.


Incredible Looking WordPress Theme

Welcome to WordPress. In under a year I have become quite the handy man with WordPress. Gone from having zero software experience (I struggled in animation school with the software classes) to becoming fairly proficient with WordPress. I say fairly because there is always something new to figure out while using this. But the best thing is the support that is openly available.

I have 2x the support because I signed up with an affiliate community that only uses WordPress themes and then of course there is always the standard support that comes with WordPress because it’s an open based software, meaning it’s been built by its users over its lifetime.

Thats the cool thing about it. Anyone can build a customized theme how they like and add it to the community. And there are probably thousands of themes to choose from. You even have dedicated subscription sites to providing you the best theme for you.

So you can go it alone with WordPress, but I’m glad I went with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build this WordPress site. The learning curve was reduced drastically. And I was given hosting options and domain registration over secure and reliable servers.



Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to use WordPress.

With WordPress there are so many plugins available like if you need email subscribers you can use ‘Hello Bar’ created by Neil Patel. You can add social sharing buttons and build good media content to get more views. There is an ‘All in One’ SEO pack to help with your search engine crawl-ability. This is very useful to boost your social shares as well because its formatted in a pleasing manor and you have your links attached to the image.

Having your links on the ready and available for your users is great for interaction and part of the user flow. Its how people make money online also, by linking out to another site you make commissions. Most blogs I’ve seen are doing this (including me :), so if you can get people what they want its worth it.

There’s probably a lot of scams out there, it depends how you look at it, maybe something is useful for you or not. It depends where you’re at in your online evolution. It’s a busy marketplace and it’s buyer beware, there are quite a few high priced options out there like classes and even some subscription fees can be quite high.

Right now you’ve maybe seen the trend for Facebook Ad classes. I’ve seen these all over the place in price range, from $10-$1000 and a variety of quality. Really, most of them offer the same thing and that is Facebook Ads. Depending on your evolution its going to look different , it will be familiar or you won’t have a clue and that’s how you can end up buying something you’re not sure you need.

Same thing with WordPress, it’s accessible for everyone so anyone can do it but there’s plenty of options….like how many options have you seen for WordPress hosting? It’s overwhelming. I found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best experience so far for me. Mostly because its easy to use, great service and a straight forward approach. There is no sugar coating here.

WordPress is still great for numerous purposes. You can build a blog, or a resume profile, or showcase your work, create an image factory of shareable content, build landing pages, sell online, use it for drop shipping even with WooCommerce plugins…the list goes on.


Use the WooCommerce Plugin if you want to drop ship.

There’s a variety of plugins to use, I love installing new plugins that give me features I’m looking for. I might be a nerd but not really. The only thing is they can slow down the loading times for your site.

Be sure to make your site mobile friendly, always check how it looks on the phone. I started recently using my phone like a computer now that my data provider has improved the connection speed. It’s really convenient and websites that are interactive on mobile will go a long way.

I think at some point I want to hire someone to help me out even further so I can really get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of it but for now, I’ve done everything on my own so there’s something to be said for that. And like I said, I used Wealthy Affiliate, they hooked me up perfectly, I haven’t had any issues and if you run into problems you have to be resourceful, it’s not a far look, there are a ton of classes and tutorials on every issue I’ve run into so far, only a couple times maybe I’ve been left in the dark but overall this was my intro into the online world which was eye opening, I never knew this existed.

ya, so keep a beginners mindset if you think this is right for you and I have a goal of blogging three times a week, and I just try to implement one little thing at a time into my WordPress site because for sure at some point you’re going to have your mind blown with all of the options available!!

You can start for Free and upgrade later. It’s the best way I know to get going. Read my formal review. Thanks.


  1. Peter

    That is precisely why I love the training at WA. I knew nothing when I arrived and now I’m getting fairly comfortable in WordPress. The learning curve is fairly steep but the satisfaction you get from doing it yourself is such a rush. Thanks for this, really well done.

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      It’s definitely a rush.
      This was part of the 30 minute blog post challenge. I took a bit long because I added some pictures afterwards.
      Thanks Peter!

  2. Ugomez

    Hi There! Greate article. With today’s technology everyone needs to have it own website and with this type of training sites it can be super easy to build your very own websites. I still remember when only big corporations had a webpages but now with wordpress and all of it plugins literally anyone can create a wordpress website in no time. Plus you can edited just the way you like it and I think that is just an awesome tool for everyone to have.

    Awesome WordPress article thank for sharing this great tools.

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      I know, WordPress is super fun to do. I do most of my entries in the visual editor but occasionally with the text editor using HTML code…its kinda like speaking another language but I’ve gotten the hang of it well enough. It’s how Uber was able to expanded so much..because of people doing the promos on their blogs.
      It’s a great tool for anybody.

  3. James

    WordPress is super simple to use unless you’re changing themes and plugins all the time. I recommend for beginners to keep it simple and go with a nice basic theme and the bare minimum plugins required.

    WA has great training and tools to help. I joined back in 2015 and I’m not leaving any time soon.


    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      I got rid of a few plugins myself to keep it functioning smoothly. Your site is looking better everyday.

  4. Jack Taylor

    Hi Steven,

    Great article on how to use WordPress. I need to build a website for my business and read WordPress is one of the best platforms. Now I just need to lean how to use it. I just joined Wealthy Affiliates to learn how to build a website the right way.

    Thanks again,


    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Nice Jack,

      I’m starting year 2 now with WA and working on my second site. This time I bought a professional template which is more like a drag and drop editor. It actually only took a few days to set it up this time.

      WordPress is a solid platform.


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