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I have been working my ass off to build a sustainable future for myself and if you’re like me and want to work for yourself you need to be disciplined and count every dollar you spend and every minute you work so that you begin to pull ahead. 

And once you’re ahead you cannot rest on your earnings. YOU MUST reinvest in yourself and your work or business so that you continue to grow. If you rest you will only fall back to square one and will have to repeat the process over again. 

Every hour you spend at the movies is two hours lost and $15 dollars spent. If you had worked those hours you would be up $40 dollars. THIS IS A $55 DOLLAR SWING. Once you understand this simple concept you can begin to build for yourself. Ok, lets go!!

1. Start Driving/ Delivering Independently with Uber



I have been doing Uber for 2 years now and it is an amazing way to earn just by downloading an app. You get to choose when you want to work and for how long you want to work. I started off doing Uber Eats delivery on my bicycle and now I do UberX driver service in my Honda Civic. I work 8 hours every day mostly during the night. This is the foundation of how I was able to start growing online. You need a basic income and this app lets you do that. I take breaks whenever I need to.

I make great income doing UberX, I am averaging $28/hr minus gas, taxes, insurance and car expenses in Toronto. My roommate also does the same thing and averages close to this.

You can sign up with my referral and we both get a BONUS: SIGN UP TO DRIVE

I’m also going to recommend you do it in a Civic or Corolla because those are easy to purchase, are reliable and a tank of gas is cheap.

2. Build A Referral / Affiliate Marketing Website

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Start a review website and make money referring as an affiliate.

The second thing I’m doing is referral marketing. This is a referral website and I have other referral sites I use to promote whatever is good. Affiliate marketing is great to do when you’re already using a company. You will probably want to tell people about it if you like it and its good.

You can promote just about anything online, there are thousands of programs from Amazon to Airbnb to Tesla and so on….

Use WEALTHY AFFILIATE to build a website and advertise online.

If you spend a lot of time on the computer then you should have your own website and a facebook page so you can start making some money from it. I love blogging about a variety of topics.

3. Drop Shipping and E-Commerce

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce

The third method of earning is drop shipping and ecommerce. Drop shipping is all about finding cheap items online and selling them at a higher price or you can find a supplier and arrange to sell for them and they take care of the shipping. Basically, you let someone else hold the inventory and  handle the shipping. You only have to make the sale. This is all done automatically of course so once you set it up its pretty good.

You can use Woo Commerce because you can build it on a WordPress website and I like to use WEALTHY AFFILIATE as a hosting provider for all my WordPress based websites. They have great training and are good for organic searches.

4. Crypto Currency Buying and Trading



The fourth method I am messing around with is buying and trading crypto because it is a very new technology and there is a lot of global money that is pouring into this new field of exchange.

The easiest site to buy Bitcoin (BTC) is on Coinbase.com and if you use this referral link we each get a BONUS $10 credit when you buy $100 BTC.

I bought 0.91 btc at $5,000 and it is now worth $15,000.

Try investing with COINBASE.COM.


5. Purchase Real Estate

The last thing I am saving for is a small house. This isn’t online of course but it’s a solid goal which can be achieved relatively fast.
You only need 100k down on a 500k small house. Whatever you want to purchase, real estate is only 20% down on the overall price, as your initial upfront investment.

You can probably do this in three years with any kind of steady full time job if you stay focused enough. It’s not that much really.

Then your monthly rent goes to you instead of someone else. You begin to pay yourself back. You can hold the property for a few years and flip it and you can even rent it out if you prefer. I am probably going to try renting out my first property to build passive income.

Hopefully, you can get 1 or all of theses working for you. If you’re trying to build just work an hourly job so you are secure and do your best to get out of debt.

The most important investment you can make is in yourself and your quality of life. You are better off working hourly and having good living conditions and having good food before you begin investing. Remember, to spend your money wisely on things that will pay you back. You will have better success if your needs are taken care of first and you are healthy.

Always be hustling 24/7, under any circumstance and any condition. This is the mindset you must employ because you get what you give… make your hobbies things that can pay you back. I hope 2018 is good to you.


  1. Gabe

    I find this interesting because I’ve been hearing a lot of people have been investing in bitcoin lately. But I don’t know much about trading and investing in stocks.

    I heard of a guy making $7,000 by buying a single share, but you’re saying that you can buy a small amount and make money? Can you explain this part to me lol sorry

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Its more like gambling right now. But crypto is here to stay long term. It may or may not crash but long term it is here. I just bought in at a low price and it went up, that’s all. I’ve also done a spread on other coins that look like they will surge. You just have to watch the markets.

      Your guy probably just did a spread on coins he thought would do well and bought in at a low price and then when the price went up he sold or traded.

  2. RichPersonality

    I was always interested in making money online, however internet is full of scams so it’s not easy to find something that actually works. Probably the best choice is wealthy affiliate, because it is really simple, it has amazing training program and awesome community. Thanks for the article it was interesting

  3. Fadi

    interesting article and a simple way to start your own business ideas. I believe bitcoin is here to stay and it will offer a lot of opportunities. The main challenge in addition to is volatility is that in many countries it is still banned and you cannot turn to real currency.

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      ya, thats the big thing im looking for right now is a way to exchange it to fiat. If, I can do that I can move in and out faster. 

  4. JannaB

    This is interesting. I used to process drop shipping orders from our sales reps but I did not really understand exactly where they would come from. I know, most of the orders were high ticket orders, somewhere in the realm of $1,000 – $4,000 orders.
    What I never understood was how those connections were created to create the drop shipping channel. What kind of connections do you look for with something like this?

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      With Shopify I was using Aliexpress and Oberlo. The entire process is automated and you don’t need any “connections”. I just let the supplier know I am dropshipping when I order from them. Again, I use an automated message sent to the supplier which can be done in the back end of Oberlo.

      I am switching to WooCommerce which is a WordPress plugin…mostly because I am keeping all my sites hosted with Wealthy Affiliate. I like it for SEO and I have more control over the process. 

  5. Alice

    I’m pretty sure many people who hate their full-time jobs working for somebody else are very much interested to learn how to make money online. I know this because I am one of them.

    Making money online and being able to quit my full time job was my main goal for joining Wealthy Affiliate. I say that WA has the necessary tools anyone needs in order to be successful online.

    The use of Uber is now on the rise and I think it is a great way to make money but I think working in front of your computer in the comfort of your home is a better option.

    Crypto currency buying and trading is also becoming a trend with the more popular term “bitcoins” but it’s something I am not comfortable doing, yet, because I am not really sure how it works. The only thing I heard, rather read, about it is that, it does not become real money until you sell it and just like stock trading, it’s like gambling.

    But do you say that Crypto currency trading is better than investing in stocks or gold?

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Crypto is extremely liquid if you want to buy and sell and trade. Even if you’re doing the same thing with Gold you don’t ever hold the gold typically on an exchange. And given that all our money is digital already, it brings the question of value and what people consider valuable. So while gold is traditionally valuable, we only ever use it for jewelry or as a conductor or as a terms of holding an asset. 

      Crypto is the future. I can’t say it’s better than stocks or gold. But ya, it will be better than holding gold in the future. However long away that may be. Could be 5 years, could be 25 years.

      Stocks are another story. Check out ICO’s when relating to a company seeking investment as a startup and obtaining capital growth.   

  6. Chris

    this was a very clear and easy to understand article which is the complete opposite of almost every other article i found on making money online.

    the option that stuck out most to me was dropshipping and id like to do this through shopify. do you have any posts going into detail with this or any courses you would recommend for me to learn the basics and begin to set up a profitable store

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Alex Becker is having a webinar tomorrow you can check out on building a shopify store in one day:


  7. susan

    I love your content and list of real legit ways to make money online. I’ve tried UBER and WA and both are great although I highly recommend WA for longterm but thats just me :)
    How is your progress going for bitcoin by the way? I would love to hear updates on this if you have any + tips/suggestions. It’s something all of us are looking into nowadays and I may start with the link you have provided for bitcoin! Sounds really interesting!
    Your site is awesome. I’ll come by again :)
    Best of luck to you and your endeavors XOXO

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Thanks Susan. I currently have a spread on a variety of alt coins. The markets are down right now , I’m being patient and we’ll see how it goes. 

  8. Stephen

    Hello Steve,

    I really like your listing. They look pretty encouraging and very attractive. I can see that they are fine opportunities to make some tons of money online.

    really love the idea of working online and being your own boss. I think the Woo commerce looks like a good way of earning some money on line

    However, I especially like that of affiliate marketing. Building your own website and then promoting affiliate products on it. I think I will give that one a try and see how it works.


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