What is Tai Lopez The 67 Steps About?

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Disclaimer: this course is purely inspirational and is entirely millionaire mindset oriented. You will still need a road map afterwards to making any kind of money online (i.e., domain, hosting, SEO, traffic, etc., etc.,). I was stuck on this spot for a long time before I understood how to ACTUALLY build a website and a business.

However, If your wallet is padded like a G or you can scavenge enough bills from the crevices of your sofa then taking notes from millionaires never hurt anyone. Click the banner for The 67 Steps.

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review

Before I bought Wealthy Affiliate I was a member of Tai Lopez The 67 Steps program.

You’ve probably seen Tai’s ‘Here in my garage’ videos advertised on YouTube. He has become somewhat of a phenomenon in that he just seemed to appear out of nowhere overnight and develop a big audience.

If you’ve taken notice of Tai then you’re probably like me in that I’m looking for ways to build many different kinds of businesses and create a profitable pay structure.

When I first saw his video ‘Here in my Garage…’, I knew what he was doing. It was like a slap in the face. I knew he was deliberately showing off and trying to get attention. But then he turns around and makes like he is doing so modestly.

No, it was artificially created and an intentional sales tactic and which he later confessed that he tried numerous marketing strategies until he found one that sent him viral.

I’ve said it here before that the fear of missing out is a big motivator. Most people would love to own a Lamborghini. Yes, “everybody does want the good life.”

“But not everybody gets the good life” (his words), if you’re too busy comparing yours to everyone around you. Don’t compare your life to others, do what you want to do and your’re golden. The concept of ‘good life’ (Kanye West?) is somewhat of a mind trips if you’re always comparing. The ways of measuring are arbitrary.

That’s my main beef with Tai.

However, there is meat on the bones when you listen to Tai. He is successful in his own right (even if you want to be a hater) and his methods have worked for him. Swallow that pill and keep reading.

Regardless, I am curious to examine the ways it has worked for him. Like Tai Lopez, I also read books and acquire knowledge!

I’m listening to him live right now and he is talking about the levels of capitalism and income that people make and most people are on the bottom and you need to propel yourself to a certain level of prosperity to live a comfortable life. Basically, you need to take responsibility for yourself and set up your life how you want it otherwise you will be working for someone else.

That reality should inspire you and scare you to take action. Those are simultaneous emotions that will drive you to change.

Another 20 minutes into the talk and he’s quoting Nietzsche. One thing I always remember Nietzsche saying is that its good to read and seek knowledge but its equally important to have periods of isolation and to generate your own thought processes.

Tai Lopez knows how to structure a business.

I mentioned my initial suspicions, but Tai does all the right things when he structures his business. He covers the bases very well:

Good social media presence.
Consistent and effective advertising.
High profile endorsements and references.
Membership inclusion.
Self made information virtual products.
Affiliate programs.

All these components are AMAZING! It’s no wonder he has achieve his level of success.  If you only have 24 hours in a day then its true the things you most consistently think of will show up in your life. Your thought stream/ input affects the action/output.

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” – like the billionaire Warren Buffet says (excerpt from Tai’s ‘Here in my Garage’ video).

I think the reason he gets controversy is because people want a business of their own. Well all you have to do is look at what he is doing. If you hate on him for the reasons I listed in the beginning you will be missing out on some good mindsets to develop. This program has interesting content to offer and Tai consistently publishes high quality vlogs with free advice.

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The 67 Steps Overview

If Tai Lopez was a book you would find him in the ‘self help’ section along with Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.

This is a 67 day long course. In it each day you are required to watch an approximately 1 hour video of Tai explaining a business concept or habit he encourages you to develop. The concept is typically derived from a book Tai has read and intertwined with his own business experience. At the end of the lesson you are asked to write down a homework assignment and complete it (only 30 mins). Its a basic question and self analysis to help you implement the steps into your life, like a daily journal.


Life is weird sometimes. You know that term synchronicity- like when Tai is doing a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger who I happened to follow a few years during high school because I was into weight lifting and because Predator is a badass movie.

And when your girlfriend happens to send you a Tai Lopez video- while you’re writing a review on the guy.

The third sign is that I wouldn’t be a Wealthy Affiliate member if it weren’t for Tai because he did a vlog promoting Mike Long’s OMG Machines and I was checking that out first and that’s when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.

I find that ironic but that’s the connectivity of life.

Lessons from Sam

For me, because I already read a lot I found the information to be common and I am sure you have already heard of some of these ideas before. Still there is wisdom in analyzing the habits and patterns of successful people. However, I don’t necessarily agree with all forms of success. There are a variety ways to make a living but not all of them have the best interests of humanity or the earth in mind.

For example I don’t consider Walmart to be the most environmental conscious company on the planet. They create a ton of waste and the quality of their products is poor. But you could still say Sam Walton is a success because he has built this billion dollar corporation. So while there is a lesson to be be learned, there is a lesson to be learned. It really depends on the measuring scale you are using, on both sides of the operation.

You have to skim the meat from the bones (another Tai Lopez quote derived from one of the thousands of books he’s read).

Nice user experience

Tai Lopez is professional. His website platform has a great design and provides a pleasing user experience. The interface is easy to interact with and easy to navigate (I will see right now how easy it is to get an affiliate account with them).

This is a huge plus as I consider the ease of use to be a huge boon when using a site.

And it was simple to opt out of the program after I had my fix, no questions asked. Which also inclines me to possibly buy from him in the future. Customer retention is a boon because that’s the person already interested in your product.

Endorsements, Endorsements, Endorsements

Tai is definitely connected which ads to his credibility. He has high profiled people who he routinely vlogs with. He gets out there and collaborates often. Off hand I’ve seen him with Mark Cuban, Joel Salatin, John Lee, Joe Schilling, Owen Cook and other online marketing gurus. Its known that law of acquaintance/ social proof leads to perceived credibility.

UPDATE 06/24/16: Tai interviews Larry King. You don’t get to interview Larry King unless you’re connected.

Self Empowerment

Some people will change from taking this course. It is a primer to wealth generation. Its like adopting millionaire mindsets. Consider it self empowerment and affirmative action.

I notice just from reading the feedback the amount of people being transformed in some meaningful way from taking the course. Simply by engaging yourself in some meaningful context can add value to your life. When you enroll in any new program your chemistry changes as you become optimistic about the reality you want for yourself.

Do I recommend this course?

I have had some ‘Ah-ha’ moments from listening to Tai speak. For sure you will have insights of your own. There is useful information here but I consider it luxury information and this is more of a lifestyle choice if you can afford it (only $67 per month and go at your own pace). If you want to participate in something like that then you will like this course.

If you’re trying to build your own business then you might want to spend your money on building a website. You can simply watch his vlogs which give away loads of useful content.

I think Tai is a good example of ‘rags to riches’ and the possibilities available from the internet. You can do the same.

I am more excited to be selling this course than I was when I took it. So I am extremely grateful to Tai for creating an affiliate partnership through ClickBank. Become an affiliate marketer and build your own web business. Promote Tai Lopez and learn how to make an affiliate page like this one. Get Wealthy Affiliate Now.

Or learn from the man himself. Click the banner to proceed.


  1. Alec Terry

    I think that it is a very interesting concept that you mentioned roughly 2/3 of the way through your article when you talked about a quote from Nietzsche regarding reading. I agree with that statement completely in which he says that while reading and seeking knowledge is good, you also need to allocate time to stimulate your own thought processes in order to really advance. I think this is a very useful quote because quite often we fall into the trap of constantly seeking knowledge without every taking any real action.
    Great post!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment. We all have our internal compass that will steer us right if we listen and take action.

  2. Ronald

    There are so many millions of mentoring products out here it is quite frankly impossible to know what one particular program can accomplish for you. I believe with knowledge comes the power to acknowledge your strengths and interests to keep you motivated in your choices. A quest for wealth is a mindset and needs to develop. Social media and blogging help your bottom line but keeping peoples interest as well as your own is important. Many times advertising costs can consume profits if any are made. Constant input will make your business grow but only with the proper foundation and niche. All the quotes in the world cannot make your product desirable.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      I agree there are so many options being exponentially increased as the knowledge get shared and becomes common place.
      I would add that the quotes only have marketable weight to those people who do not have the insight or experience to see into the quote. Which will send you back to the beginning of trying to decipher the quality out of the quantity.

  3. earnrecurringrevenue

    With all the mentoring products out there and scams it is hard to make a decision by choosing the one that is right for you. This concept seems really interesting and ill have to look into it. I think self empowerment is one of the most important parts to success. No one has control on your success but you. Great article, Cheers!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Mentoring is a big component that Tai pushes. I’m not sure if I mentioned that here, so thanks for mentioning it. Cheers.

  4. Matt's Mom

    I had never heard of Tai Lopez before and you made it sound so interesting. I don’t know that you endorsed him, nor do I know that you did not endorse him and his 67 steps. I still don’t really quite understand what this is. I am going to immediately look this up to see what it is all about. You stirred my interest and I would like to get more information. Must be nice to be that connected though.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      It’s a bit of a mixed review either way. Its a good product but its purely about habits and mindsets to develop. At the end of the day, results matter. So I set a goal, I want to be closer to the end and this is achieved through work. Tai will tell you to work as a habit but WA shows you how to work as a habit. Like If I said to go and change that flat tire if you want to drive your car. Its good advice but It doesn’t show you how its done.
      Ya he appears to be super connected!

  5. Dylan

    The mindset is really important and I’m glad someone like Tai Lopez teaches that. I have seen one of his videos where he talks about is car and how he reads a book a day and quickly followed with “Im not bragging.”

    I’m not really buying his humble act but as long as he sells a good product I can get over that. I do like how you point out you’ll need a road map to success because just thinking will get you nowhere. You need thought followed by action.

    So I like how you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to go with it. Have you had much success combing the two?

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi, thanks for the insightful comment. I like the direction I am headed since joining WA and creating nearly everyday. If developing that kind of healthy habits is one of the 67 steps then yes I am combining the two.
      Take care.

  6. Trevor Moy

    Never heard of Him. Have I been living in the dark ages or something?
    Will do some research on the guy. Look at some of his vlogs and make my own mind up.
    Thanks for the insight.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      He ran a successful ad campaign on youtube a couple years ago and was promoting himself on Tedtalks as the guy who reads a book a day.


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