Top 5 work from home jobs in the world 2016

home-office-599475_640Hi there, this is my personal top 5 work from home jobs in the world 2016 list!

All 5 of these jobs are freelance skills that are employable simply because I decided to build my own website. And when done on a laptop they are transportable across the globe!

Building a brand requires numerous skill sets and frankly there isn’t medication strong enough to inhibit my ADHD, so I just do these 5 things all at once practically. This is a perfect situation for me because any entrepreneur worth their salt knows how many plates you have to balance all at once. I like variety and I like making my own money and I like being my own BOSS so I just decided to build a website.

The sky is the limit. These 5 skills will keep anyone employed for life- unless the electricity goes out. If that happens, we’re all screwed.

  1. Writing Copy that sells.
  2. Growth Hacking.
  3. Sales Funnels.
  4. Computer development.
  5. Customer Service.

This is what happens when you build your own website. With the power of today’s technology you can become a one person show. When you work the entire business personally, you see how everything works from unique point of view. Because you’ve taken the initiative you are inclined to output the best results. Becoming an entrepreneur is a very adaptive process. This means you get to do a little of everything. Well, a lot of everything! And on your own time. It takes observation and tweaking before you reach perfect results.

  1. Copy Writing

A good copy writing is sensitive and genuine. The sensitivity speaks on behalf of your clients brand. Meaning you are aware of their needs first and the mission of the brand. Having that type of sensitivity will allow your writing to align with their mission and reflect their views.

The genuine part is allowing your personality to shine through. If you can write expressively and be relate-able that is great copy. Having other people empathize with your writing and reflect on your point of view is a strong point.

Writing is a skill that can be improved upon through use. My speed and coherency have increased. Last week I was amazed I was able to write 1800 words in only 3 hours when previously it took me a couple days work.

I remember my elementary school teachers telling me to expresses your point of view unapologetically. This demonstrates confidence and will reflect your truth to a greater degree. This will help to establishes yourself .

Writers convey and express day to day events with a unique point of view and new way of looking at the world. Especially with today’s social media engagement it is ever important to be yourself and write from your individual perspective. This will help you stand out.

If you would like to read more about crafting internet appropriate content, check this out.

2. Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is just the latest term used by silicon valley to express marketing.

If you are building any kind of business you will need to market. Marketing may come easier if you love what you are doing but lets say that a good marketer can always find their audience to match the brand.

Becoming an expert of social media is a common way to drive people to your website,if you can get people talking and interacting about your brand.

There are some elements of design and strong headlines that are proven winners time and time again. I’ve fallen for click bait, like an image of cute puppies that is really spam content. Obviously this doesn’t count as the type of growth we want for our brand but you can use these concepts less outright.

But the real task is just knowing who the person is that is going to use your product the most and then speaking to them in the same fashion they speak and understand. Using the same memes and catch phrases and reflecting the same traits.

Finally, if you can market to someone who doesn’t even know they need their product but would benefit greatly from its use, like someone with an injury of sort and you were selling a remedy, then you can be of great service.

Read more about driving traffic here.

3. Sales Funnels

This has quickly become my most recent and favorite part of building my own website. I love sales funnels!

I think this category allows you to show off all your skills at once and see direct returns as a result from it. You can track very clearly how a marketing campaign is converting with a sales funnel. It is all a numbers game.

A sales funnel is closely related to growth hacking but its what you do with your clients after you have them and it involves keeping them interested in your business and leading them through your business appropriately.

With a sales funnel I can set up the design and navigational components and then see how well my traffic is converting and see the metrics behind it. This lets me customize for maximum conversion.

I previously wrote about conversions and sales. 

To check out my ClickFunnels review, <——————Click Here. 

4. Design

Design has the greatest impact on your business. Design makes you stand out from the crowd! A great design is very pleasing to look at and keeps visitors intrigued. Every business should incorporate mixed media. Video, slides, podcasts, stock images and illustrations are a huge boon for your business.

This is the component I’m struggling most with right now simply because of the software I have to invest in. At the moment I am making do with free to use software to get all my images and to make my logos (I’ve been through three already!).

Some of the better design applications like Adobe do cost some investment but I can really see it netting a return and they are fun to play around with. You can also buy video editing software and a new camera maybe and there are website platforms to help you build slideshows so this element of design is huge!

5. Computer Development

This last step is what may stop many people from even starting. But learning computer programs and development of specific software is very obtainable. It will accelerate your learning if you take a course but again don’t over complicate it.

Content management systems are extremely user friendly- it surprised me. I suggest starting from scratch so you learn the ins and outs. This will be slower at first but eventually your knowledge will surpass the average internet user. You will develop a working capacity of the way systems run.

Computer development is a huge field, so really I can break this down into various components but I just wanted to illustrate what is possible.

Coding is done before hand so we don’t need to learn it. Just basic knowledge of applications is necessary.

Like HTML text and CSS are the lines that describe what the interface looks like and you can rearrange it how you like. And even then, you can choose to have a template pre-made if you want to skip this step.

I’ve seen testimonials by people having never done code before and then becoming proficient  in a couple years.

What exactly do I need in order to build a website?

6. Customer Service

I added an extra category accidentally as I was writing this. So that’s a good indication of the options that are available for employment.

I worked in hospitality for 7 years at a couple hotels and restaurants. Every business has a customer service department to keep their customers satisfied. This comes natural for some people and others are frightened. Either way a solid public relations team is important as they reflect directly on the brand.

In conclusion

You may have noticed that many of these skills are intertwined with one another and I know you have the ability to really go nuts and be creative and brainstorm. Its fun to do and after a while it becomes effortless and really enjoyable. There is a three month learning curve in the beginning of every website so that’s why I recommend everyone who chooses to do this pushes through to at least three months before you decide if this is right for you.

With today’s technology the individual has the capability of an entire workforce in the past.

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  1. Austin

    Hey Steven, Great post! I really appreciate the ideas, personally design and development isn’t really for me but Maybe I could try writing. If I’m looking to get into copy writing on the side, where can I go to find a place I can market myself? I’ve heard of a few places for online freelancing, but which ones would you recommend?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi, your best bet is to set up a personal website that acts like a business card and resume. From there I would directly approach the companies that interest you the most and show them demos of your work.
      Freelance sites you can try are: fiverr (Low quality), Upwork and
      The best writers I’ve seen charge 200 per 2000 word gig working independently. It takes me about 4 hours to write that much right now. If you sign up with a freelance site they never pay half as much. Your end goal should be to hustle all your work to the quality sources.

  2. Ali.M

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for sharing this quality post. I’ve read somewhere that many people may lose their jobs because of technology in the next years, so introducing new ways which let us build our own business is always useful.
    Between the ways that you have introduced, I liked the design part and of course sales funnel was also interesting for me. Although it’s new for me.
    By the way, did you notice that you’ve introduced 6 ways instead of 5? 😉 That’s good of course.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      LOL, ya I just kept writing and when I went to edit I was like oh, development wasn’t part of my initial notes I had made. I added the 6th as a bonus but there are many jobs available with these skills. Coding is another popular skill right now. Being able to build systems from the ground up.
      I read a few topics about job scarcity but I think unemployment rate is always at around 10% sometimes higher and sometimes lower. I think traditional businesses will always have a place. The food sector is big right now. There is a food revolution happening and a green revolution.


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