Top 3 Work From Home Jobs In The World Using Your Computer


At least work for yourself, or work for something you love!!!

Yes, there are times when you have to grind…

But what are you doing with your free time?

Use that extra time to pick up some skills.

I have decided to adopt the mindset that ‘everyday I continue to grow and learn’…

At age 30 I’m going to assume I’ve only lived 1/3 of my life so there is plenty of opportunity left to live!

Here are my:



Hopefully you have some computer skills!

If not then lets get you set up.

I first asked my friend who started her own dating business how she built her website and she told me it was with WordPress. I was confused because I was like “you have to use a website to build a website?”.

Ok soooo the necessity of work…

Everyone has had to roll out of bed after hitting the snooze alarm more than once, and then those cold morning showers to startle you into existence and then rushing through traffic to get to your destination. Only to be repeated another four more times this week!

But wouldn’t an alternative scenario be amazing? I have enough ADHD to spare, so I like to do things on my own time…It’s how I structure (or lack thereof) my life. Occasionally I have timings but I’ve set up my life so that I call the shots. I work for myself and run multiple business, online and off.

The best work at home jobs in the world are the ones where you run your own hours and run your own activities.
The internet is a volatile place and nothing is steady. The modern entrepreneur is adaptable and resourceful.

Over 40 million people are working from home on their computers!!! And millions more work from work…

Bill Gates has said “information technology is the next trillion dollar industry!”. Lets get this money then! These are the skills that pay the bills…

#1. Automation

The robots are here!

Learning to set up any automated process online is money in the bank. This is the fastest way to reach thousands of people repetitively. Once you’re able to analyze the different systems and configure them so that it turns like clockwork, you can kick back and have a coffee and track those analytics.

Everything on the web is configured. A business is its parts. When people talk about creating a passive income…this is it. How are you going to fit the pieces together so it works for you?

Don’t be timid! If you can take it apart and put it back together you will understand the working knowledge. In the military I became much more proficient with weapons training once I understood how to assemble my rifle and knew the working components.

I personally am building an automated passive income machine. LOL…sounds futuristic but its not…it’s simple…you’re already using the machine :)

Hint: Do you know how to build a website? Have you even heard of WordPress? Use landing pages with email opt-in forms, send out emails, set up the payment system and deliver the goods?

Payout: approx. $60k yearly

See: Web Developer, Support Staff

To get started, check out my page for setting up your domain and hosting or take the easier way and let Wealthy Affiliate set it up for you, They will show you how.

#2 Content

Notice how many websites have multiple writers and creators? It takes research and time to put consistent pieces of information together.

The behind the scenes market research take time to see what’s trending on the net. And then you have to format it properly for it to be effective.

Content creation starts after you’ve done the research. Then the piece will happen with a purpose behind it and a strategy.

If I am running this site on my own I am able to write one piece of content every three days approx. But I can’t keep it up for so long without loosing traction in other areas.

I need to monitor the game plan aka market research and strategy and the traffic.

Hint: Are you a creative individual? Do you love playing with words and/ or designing breathtaking layouts and beautiful images?

Payout: approx. 50k yearly

See: Blogger, Designer, Copywriter, Creative Specialist

Best way is to start blogging…you can learn how to at Wealthy Affiliate.

#3 Advertising

This section involves bringing people to your website. This is the most time consuming aspect and really requires strategic planning and execution. There is a reason they’re called marketing campaigns.

This involves a wide variety of jobs like list building and social media and community groups. Ya ranking and followers is kind of like social proof…but how much value are you bringing to those customers and are you getting results?

Your campaigns need to be coordinated so they interact with the right people and lead people to the right places.

Hint: Is your Facebook page massive? Do you already have tons of followers? Know what makes people tick?

Payout: Advertising skills are worth A LOT! It involves monitoring a campaign and tweaking the results. I’ve seen people charge approx. $50 per hour for this.

See: Facebook, Instagram, Search Engine Optimization…


These are the three main components I think of when doing my work. For me, I love information products and I spent money buying exercise routines, dating guides, meditation techniques and especially internet marketing training and software.

For a long time I wanted to know how websites were built and I kind of became obsessed with many of the ‘guru’s’ out there.

I wanted to know how to build my own website and make automated money so when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate I was home at last! Since then I haven’t looked back.

I now get people approaching me for work. How often do you get employers asking you to work for them? That’s the beauty of internet marketing :)

All of the skills you learn are transferable to high paying jobs you see on and

You can teach yourself with all of the information that is available.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 place where you can turn your passion into a thriving online business.



  1. Gary

    Back in the 1990s, the US Government released a study titled “Workforce 2000”. To my knowledge, I’m the only one who read it. Essentially, it said that technology and outsourcing would soon decimate the US labor market.

    I was studying architecture at the time, but when I graduated I started a home repair business. My wife and the people I graduated with became architects. I became a handyman earning twice per hour what they were earning.

    As we entered the 2000s, I watched as every profession from architects to heart surgeons were outsourced to developing countries. You can’t outsource a handyman.

    Then, through Wealthy Affiliate, I discovered how I could profit from the internet and leverage its awesome power to increase my income exponentially. Soon after, I paid off my house and it keeps getting better.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Amazing story! I remember around that time people were saying the same thing and I was also in architectural drafting. I didn’t finish that program because I was too busy fooling around with girls and weed…
      And I never used the computer constructively…it never occurred to me to use it as a business because I was always raised traditionally…It was like I had to go to school first before getting a serious job.
      Then when I started seeing all these guys my age making sites, I was like ‘man, I should use the computer for something like that’…yet I still didn’t know where to start.
      Now I also do contract work. I just finished a nice drywall and paint piece at this clothing boutique.
      And then I come home and work on my online business.
      And it keeps getting better :)


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