Sharks- respect their governance



Last night I was watching Shark Tank episodes.

I love sharks. I feel alive when I think of them and I imagine being in their presence would be an awesome experience (I am tempted to try cage diving but at the same time I don’t want to needlessly provoke the creature).

A shark is a result of millions of years of evolution and is the master of its domain. It inspires respect because it is the authority of the deep. If you find yourself in an encounter with a great white you are at its mercy. Being at the mercy of death is what being alive is all about. There is a standard mode of operation in life and you can’t do a damn thing about it. We are forced to live by these natural principles.

here’s what ALL the Shark Tank cast members have in common (mindsets to consider developing):


Mark Cuban                          Daymond John                   Kevin O’Leary                      The Real Deal                     

DaymondJohnkevinOleary TheRealDeal





Lori Greiner                     Robert Herjavec                 Barbara Corcoran           Chris Sacca









Real talk.

A shark always keeps it real. It acts on instinct. It does what it does and it doesn’t think twice. Often the cast is blunt. They will say what they are thinking without being a nervous wreck as to wondering how their message will be received. And the reverse of this is true- they have developed thick skin impervious to backlash. Their own instinct is valid enough (know your worth).

Keving O’Leary: “Always listen to your inner self- it knows what it is talking about.”

 Ask and ye shall receive

Every Shark Tank cast member asks very directly what they want. They don’t tip toe around the bush. When they are negotiating I often hear them ask each other “What do you want?”. So, not only do they ask questions for themselves, they ask questions for the other person. That is an amazing person that will do that for you. Go after what you want by asking questions on how to get there.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

Money is irrelevant (within the context).

It doesn’t matter to them what the price is. Sure they manage the risks within the proper context of the investment and they always seek a return on their investment (obviously). But the price is just a modality to get it done. One dollar is the same as five dollars is the same as ten thousand dollars. Everything has a price and if they have the money to make something worthwhile happen they will proceed. No afterthoughts, just moving forward towards the goal. It’s not about the money they possess it’s about the experience and insight they hold.

Barbara Corcoran: “I don’t give a crap about overpaying for something if I know I’m gonna make extra money on it.”

Disputes are quickly forgotten- networks proceed.

There have been more than a couple heated instances on the show but by the end of a pitch it is considered water under the bridge. I don’t see them holding grudges with each other. In fact the opposite is true. They always make partnerships with each other. They recognize the cognizance of the business is enhanced with a partnership. Sometimes sharks allow other fish to catch a ride.

Chris Sacca got onto the show because of a text he had initially tweeted to Mark Cuban commenting on how the show was all ‘kitchen gadgets’ and he didn’t think it was a very serious show. But what resulted was a dialogue between them and they asked Chris how he would improve the show and I think that’s why you see more tech ventures. And also he came to realize they were selling the American dream- ‘everyone realizes they can be an entrepreneur’.

Daymond John: “how much is the evaluation of one of us assisting? that’s a reverse evaluation you’re not respecting.”

What are you worth NOW?

Not in the future but right now. Sharks are concerned about the present moment. They have big ambitions but they work with the situation as it is. Not how it could be. Many deals are destroyed because the evaluation is too large. If someone puts a ridiculous offer on the table the sharks get turned off. Manage your expectations and focus on delivering the goods.

Lori Greiner: ” if they come in with something ridiculous the sharks get turned off immediately.”

Enthusiasm and showmanship

They take note of energy and enthusiasm and excitement. And they all posses these traits. They take an interest in the world around them always. Think of all the different pitches they have to sit through yet they are engaged every single time. Having interests and and being engaged breeds energy. And energy is contagious. And when there is a contagious amount of energy you begin to attract people. Remember at the end of the day they are promoting their own Shark Tank products.

Robert Herjavec: “successful people exude joy.”

Consistency to achieve results

It takes a level of dedication to build anything. (shit I forgot to water the plants! brb)
haha, sometimes those plants wither with lack of water but give them a few drops and watch them grow. It takes consistent daily practice to grow anything worthwhile. Its been proven the networks of the brain are malleable so any new habit can be created.

One thing I learned in the military was discipline and that’s why I never went back again. LOL

Sharks don’t get fooled

Abraham Lincoln said “you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

And from George Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice- can’t get fooled again.”

Proverbs “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.”

Thessalonians “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

Clubber Lang, ” I pity the fool!”

If you know anymore fool me quotes then comment below (because I don’t want to get fooled…ever)


Disclaimer: Evander ‘the Real Deal’ Holyfield is a five time heavyweight champion of the world ( and not part of the shark tank cast).

If you would like to learn more about millionaire mindsets then check out Tai Lopez’s The 67 Steps.



  1. Alec Terry

    I liked your article on the shark so much that I starred it. I think that you have a ton of excellent content. One thing that I might suggest is that you might want to space out your paragraphs a little more to make them easier to read. I had no trouble following (but then again this is something I’m extremely interested in) but I noticed on your outsourcing article it could have used a little extra spacing. Great work though!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hey I like golden stars :) I tried to inject a bit of humor this time around. I will take your feedback about spacing into consideration for my next article.
      See you

  2. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    interesting artilce on sharks and shark tank, I am new to this but it does interest me very much. Sharks are not well known about here in Pennsylvania, so this does interest someone from Pennsylvania to know more about sharks and shark tanks.

    Sharks are very unpredictable would you not agree, like you said they live by instinct. what makes a shark attack one time and not another, these things are scary to think about.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Yes sharks are unpredictable but I know there are a quite a few activists that are trying to save sharks because they have received poor treatment from movies like Jaws and even a show like Shark Tank ‘preys’ on this attitude about sharks but they have been on the planet for millions of years and in some regards they are more evolved than us they have extra senses we don’t have like the ability to energetically/ electrically detect the water environment around them similar to sonar.
      So Im not scared of being attacked by a shark when it is my turn to die it is my turn.
      I will pass on the shark fin soup please and thank you :)

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    Nice post, it’s engaging and exciting to read, the content is easy and quick each sub heading has it’s point and it gets it across to the reader in and interesting way. The pictures are good, and the site theme fit to your site. Any way thank your for a good read and I wish you luck.

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      thanks bud

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    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi thanks man. Ive been focusing on SEO algorithms and Keywords and Content right now because I would like to build a nice foundation. I plan on driving traffic hard when the time is right so im just being patient and learning some skills. Im going to write a new post soon on understanding how the google algorithms work.
      see you


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