Welcome to my reviews list.  I save all valuable sites I come across to my bookmarks. My computer has 100’s of folders that I keep saved. I am constantly going to my folders to access saved information- it has become an extensive data bank.

After choosing your niche you will be getting your hands dirty in a variety of domains such as design, advertising, content and marketing. Applying these disciplines to your niche is going to give you leverage to grow your business.

If you value my website I suggest saving this page right now to your bookmarks so you can access it any time you want to take advantage of great resources.

This page will continue to grow as my audience grows. I will be adding new content to this Menu in the future when I come across other websites that provide a great service.

Only positive reviews.

I will only put up reviews that I have had a positive experience with. I can smell a fire a mile away, and anything less than stellar isn’t worthy of my time.

If I ever make a bad purchase decision I will only make a bad purchase decision once and then leave it in the dirt- “I makes my mistakes and I lives with ’em”. Seriously, don’t worry about it. I spent 4 hours learning how to create a ‘favicon’. That’s the little ‘B’ icon you see on the window tab.

I like free sites but often the paid services provide better attention to detail. I also don’t mind paying for a service that will help me improve my business. Often you get what you pay for.

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