organizing your folders for improved clarity.

bookmarkd3I have a problem getting out of control. The deeper I delve into web creation the more a considerable amount of variables are revealed. Each subject reveals another two. It is beginning to become an organizational nightmare. I need to group my bookmarked folders for better use.

I’ve sort of developed an addiction to bookmarking every page I come across. Especially related to my niche of web business creation. As my folders grow the resources grow but that doesn’t necessarily translate into more work. I just don’t have the hours to make use of all these tools.

So, I’ve come up with some considerations to turn this into a benefit and increase my work output.

-building a considerable resource and tool list.

-organizing folders into categories and sub categories.

-seeing one task at a time through to completion- and then documenting that task and turning it into either a new post or product.

When list building is mentioned it is referred to as a client prospects or leads. Most websites have subscribers lists they build on the landing page by getting you to enter email in exchange for some cool information. List building should be a data base you begin working on immediately.

I’ve been incorporating lists recently in another fashion by tracking the resource tools I come across. There are so many products and services available that will help your website develop in wonderful capacities.

Maybe you could use a whiteboard animated video to tell story or maybe you want to add a podcast series to your site or maybe you want to build social media traffic.

What I do when I get excited by these cool services is I click the gold star and bookmark them for later. What has happened now is I find myself with a huge list of resources under far too many ‘New Folder’ titles.

Lets look at them before and then I will do a reorganization of them and see how it looks cleaned up.



As you can see I list all sites I come across immediately. I don’t know if I’m going to use them later but if I do I have them stored. Of course right now this looks messy and is difficult to access what I need.

The biggest issue is that the next category is always going to be unexpected. I will have to always make new folders but it is beneficial to keep track of what I’ve encountered to date. Quick reference is a huge time saver down the road- do the work now to make life easier later. And especially for a mental state of mind and thought clarity.

While I have all this information stored away, I think there is enough here ( and you can see the lists scroll down further) to reorganize. I’m going to create more defined folders and then branch out into sub folders. You could also call these niches and sub niches and I will talk more on that later.

Here’s what I came up with afterwards:

This layout is far more streamlined and manageable. I have the primary folder titled ‘Business’. Under that folder contains my ‘Digital Web’ content for websites. Then I have three major categories under ‘Marketing’, ‘Media’, and ‘Operating Systems’. The fourth ‘Startups’ was just other cool business ideas that I liked but didn’t have direct application to my business.

Under Media I have folders such as ‘video’, ‘content’, ‘design’ and ‘images. All of these are sub niches withing the my media content. And I am sure that if I open any of those folders I will find a further refined niche such as ‘Whiteboard Animation’ videos or ‘Screenshot style’ videos.

Organizing your content allows you to identify hyper defined niches. There are companies that operate specifically to these defined niches.

Create lists, document everything, file accordingly.

List building also applies to the people you encounter who may find purpose with your work or your target audience. I suggest keeping track of all the names you come across. These are people you can communicate and form potential relationships with down the road. It’s actually very useful. I underestimated the importance of networking early on.

Every time you document a process, you have a new piece of content ready to churn out. I’m at a point now where I have a better grasp of the whole picture. When I learn something new I can see the importance of implementing that knowledge into my business immediately. And as I figure out how to do something my documentation of it IS my content. Check out my article on applying for Google Adsense. Even though my site doesn’t yet meet their qualifications, due to traffic, I was able to walk my users through the process so they can see how it works. It was something I had to do anyway so I just shared the process.

Keep yourself organized and file appropriately. It will be a huge time saver down the road.  It also aids in mental clarity for work out put and production.

I know for myself doing this exercise is going to help me work on projects and I hope it is useful for you.





  1. Anna

    Hi Steven,

    I really like this article because you’ve reminded me of the importance of getting organized and managing your time wisely (something I really need to work on)! You’ve given some fabulous tips that are extremely helpful!

    It’s fantastic how you make what you learn into content for your site (a win-win all around)!!

    I intend on checking out your post about Google Adsense because I need to learn how to do it! Thank you so much for your help!

    All the best,


    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi Anna, I’m glad you liked it. I thought it was a simple post and wasn’t sure if I should post but it was a useful exercise for me and only took about 30 mins to organize everything.

      I didn’t get accepted yet for Adsense, I think due to this site being new and not having enough traffic yet. I think you need a certain number of visitors each month to qualify. But that’s ok, in due time.

      Take care.


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