Make Money With No Money

Have you ever heard of the concept that everything is free in life?cash-tree

If you want something you have to create the network in that web (its called the WEB for a reason). I built this webpage because of the
pathways and keyword searches I began thinking regularly and using. How did you land on this page? You might have been searching for how to make money with no money. But you weren’t thinking about girls or you would have landed somewhere else.

Even though people have attached a dollar to living expenses the reality is that everything on this green earth is free. All our precious metals and lumber and oils come from the earth. It was given to us and we are apart of the system. There is no escaping this. Food grows from the ground up and can be harvested. Perhaps money does grow on trees.

How much did your parents sacrificed to provide for you and as a kid all of that was free. They didn’t charge you.  When you’re an adult you take on the same responsibilities and wish to provide for your own family. You don’t charge them.

Currency is only a means of exchange. We’ve placed a price on nearly everything. So the best way to look at is a form of exchange or energy. Prices are not even in accurate proportion to the definition of its value. How can a domain name sell for a million? Fundamentally, we know its digital. Its the energy that’s charged behind it because it triggers a keyword in your metal picture.

Animals will feast on each other and we eat the other animals and plants. This is the circle of life. Thankfully our society isn’t that brutal. Sometimes we may experience feelings of isolation but we’re connected to an intricate web. Nearly everything I can imagine is co- dependent upon its surroundings. Our minds operate under this neural network. The structure of the brain is composed of neural networks. The internet is also a network. It is a web that intertwines itself through pathways and repetition.

Fractals are repeating patterns in different numerical scales. Essentially everything is a giant fractal repeating itself in different degrees and variants.  The micro resembles the macro and the macrocosm is the microcosm. And the perception of the two depends if you’re standing on the left or the right.

I’ve identified three scales.

The mental processes are anything psychological. The development of your conscious and subconscious which governs the world you live in. This can change as you accumulate experiences outside of which you thought impossible. You can learn and change your mental output but also your ideas about the way life works change. You may see institutions and social stimulus in a new ways that shatter your old thoughts.

The physical realm is understanding biology and knowing that the world isn’t entirely the way we see it with our eyes or with our senses. Our senses give us input of our environment but they also deceive. The world around us is entirely molecular and energetic. For sure everything gets recycled. Energy is neither created or destroyed. When you die your body will decompose and return to the earth. The chemical structure will change into something else.

The spiritual relates to the natural order of the world and also the unseen. There are patterns and laws which the world operate. What is it that animates a life? And why do birds migrate? There are laws that govern the universe and hold everything in balance. I know I don’t control these forces- I am at the mercy of them. Only in a computer simulated reality can they be changed from writing the software program and that is an illusion.

The dollar is a modern concept and before the dollar we used trade as a means to get what you want.

So how do you make money with no money? Right now you need to ask yourself if you have a checkout page. Is there a link allowing you to make a sale? If the answer is no then you can’t expect to make revenue. You need to create the opportunity for people to buy from you and that means building your own website to sell whatever products or service you choose.

In a sense this is virtually free to do. Quite virtual actually because we are using digital code to make a purchase and a sale. Money is a mental pathway. It is a way of creating a network to bring in the digits.

In this life everything is given to you. You just have to accept it and be thankful. We probably live in more convenient and accessible time now than ever before.
I spent $500 yearly ( $40 per month) on this website because I figure I can get the return to at least $1300 per month. That means i’m making 1 sale per day- a modest goal.

What that $500 will bring me is access to the neural network of anyone looking to make money. Because I’m writing about money I will have people interested in money. If you’re not, you will probably leave.


  1. Michel

    You have an interesting outlook on life and you are quite right. Back in the days when there was no money, we simply traded goods that we got free from the earth.

    Glad to see it sometimes still works like that with opportunities online to build a website for free. You hardly see anything for free nowadays without any catches.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      LOL, those good ole’ days :)


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