Make money from online with a passive income

dollar-17The best work from home jobs is any task performed on the computer. When you build your own web business you develop skill sets that can be used to make money at home.

If building your own website appeals to you then read on. The biggest skill set you need to have is problem solving.

Thankfully every problem you come across can be solved. Whey you solve a problem this is when you can begin making money. Every solution is worth something.

I’ve spent time and money learning how to perform any task I needed- whether it was dry walling or designing my own favicon (thats the ‘B‘ logo on the windows tab). Both of these tasks take the same amount of time to learn.

Because I’ve solved these two problems I could write a manual on how to patch drywall or how to build a favicon and sell it for 5 bucks.

The second options would be freelancing. I could freelance as a drywall repair man or I could design favicons for other businesses.

The platform I need to sell or advertise would be on my website. Learn how to build a website.

Neither of the two options I mentioned above are the easiest ways. I told you to sell the manual but I didn’t show you.

The easiest way to get something done is to either pay someone to do it for you or have someone with experience teach you.

When you learn something yourself you can turn around and automate that process because you know how it works. You can outsource the job to other workers.

It takes some effort to be continuously learning new skills. Every skill set can be managed independently or you can throw the money back into your business and hire someone to rework your website design (for example).

If you want to be an entrepreneur you are going to have to learn to execute to get noticed.

The best thing about an online business is the ability to create passive income. This means you have set up your business so that its automated to make sales while you are away from your computer.

One goal I have is to build 5 websites that each generate 1,000 per month. That’s $5,000 passive monthly income generated. But its broken down into modest steps.

When you break the numbers down it makes achieving your goals more manageable. Lets look at three ways to make a million.
1 house in Toronto x $1,000,000= $1 mil
10 luxury cars x $100,000= $1 mil
100000 book sales @ $10 ea.= $1 mil

Breaking the numbers down makes it look more attainable. It takes the same amount of time to sell a house as it does a book. Your time spent is still the same but the price tag changes. Maybe there are more contracts to sign but it doesn’t take longer than a week. The point is you have different options for acquiring the amount of sales you want to make.

To make a sale from your computer you need to have an actual checkout page. You can see my affiliate checkout page here.

That’s all it takes. Do you have a checkout page?

Because of this I’ve generated a means that allows me to make passive income. This company demonstrates legitimate methods to earn revenue with a website. As you go through the process you will begin to see all the opportunity available to you.

5 years ago I knew very little about business and it bothered me so I asked “how does it work? how can I make money online?”

When you ask a question you receive an answer. I like to call it universal law action. The answers begin to show themselves when you ask the questions.

I’ve asked the questions when I was learning how to swim and when I was learning how to draw. All skill sets take the same amount of time to learn.
For me, I always hire someone to show me how to execute. Its having a personal coach that will push you to achieve your dreams.

You can buy information on wealth generating philosophies but you still need to put it into action. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is so good– because you have a lesson plan that guides you through each stage of learning. I’ve never come across a more comprehensive course.

Lets look at the first three steps involved when building a website. You need to have:

  • A Domain Name
  • A Hosting Service
  • A Website Platform

Today as a demonstration I want to show you how you can make your own free account with Wealthy Affiliate. You can have inside access immediately so that you can take these three steps and have a website ready to go.

These are the skills you can easily learn. I am happy to show you this video demonstration that I learned how to do 5 hours ago. I’ve only edited a video once before in my life.

This video looks amateur but it was free to create. I used OBS Studio to take the screen capture and audio recording. Then I used Handbrake to compress the file size from 12MB down to 7MB. I uploaded the video on my YouTube channel and used the embedded code on this page.

The hardest part was trying to not watch random YouTube videos. Even videos on making money can become a distraction because I need the time to actually build my website and create videos of my own.

But I did find some cool ways to make thousands a week selling on eBay.

You can sell pretty much anything. All you have to do is find your niche market- like outdoor survival and camping equipment. Everything you sell will be ‘geared’ towards that. If you buy whole sale distribution prices you can have a huge markup on some items- like survival bracelets or pocket knifes.

It’s easier than you think to build a business from scratch. Some people think that a website is only for tech savvy people but the truth is everyone can do it.

I hear often is how a market is saturated. But if you consider there are 5 billion people on the planet and say maybe 2 billion are online. Ask how many people are selling in your niche? Maybe half a million at best. That’s only 0.0025% of the competition you have have in your market. So I believe there is always a demand. There are millions of niches and thousands of cities so the market is plentiful.

Lets watch part 2 of the video series because I want to show you what Wealthy Affiliate looks like on the inside.


I hope you watched the whole thing. I started off slow but was happy enough at the end once I got into it. I just keep moving forward. I  can come back and update this video another time. But there is enough here for you to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate. I wouldn’t have a site at this moment if it weren’t for the course.

Its been a really enjoyable and challenging experience and I know good things will happen. Just one step at a time and keep moving forward.

When you hold yourself accountable and set deadlines and create a plan of action that’s when you accomplish your dreams. By dreams, I mean the vision you see for yourself in the future.

Work anywhere in the world on your laptop by exploiting the skills you learn by doing this process. I’m so excited by this vision, it keeps me going everyday. And I know I will be able to leverage my freedom and financial gains by investing in some global projects that I see benefiting the future of earth.

To grow you have to free yourself from restrictions. Your past doesn’t dictate the future. You are entitled to do whatever you want and become who you need to be. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

This is what the momentum train is like as it picks up speed it becomes harder to stop. Gain so much momentum, nothing can stop you.

I didn’t even want to pick this subject to be honest. It just happened to me and I went with it. This is truly a random opportunity for me. I would’ve picked a subject like art. But I quickly saw the value in getting into this niche instead. From here I have the platform to create anything I want afterwards. I am learning the ins and outs of this business and feel like anything I apply these skills to will be a joke. Its going to be so easy after this. I am laying the foundation and doing the ground work.

Its kinlemon-1d of like life handing you lemons and having to make lemonade. Basically, it just comes down to being thankful. GGG says “this is my job, I’m fortunate to do this”. I’m happy to be doing this too- whatever the Lord gives me.
I like to believe you can control your circumstances and for a large part you can. But sometimes you have to roll with the punches. You have to adapt and become versatile.

Stages of Growth

Ground Zero– you’re just starting out. you’re hustling every day. spending hours learning daily. everything seems like a long ways away. you’ve never been to the other side because you never stayed with it long enough. but there is another side. you know it. you see others talking about it. you see their lifestyle reflecting it. but for now you need to quietly work away. you need to get your site optimized. you need to get your reviews and feedback. there is no glory, but after a few months of hustle you finally get your first sale.

Budding– your business is beginning to make a few sales daily. you’re getting some exposure but its not where you want to be yet. still, at this point you’ve made it further than half of the people ever will. there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and you can’t relax yet with this income stream. you need to grow it and push the boundaries. but at least you can have some reward for your effort.

Fruits of your Labor– ah the sweet spot. all the fruits of your labor is in full blossom. you know the ins and outs of what it takes to scale a business. you can now put everything on automatic. you have consistent revenue coming in so you can reinvest into the many options available to you. you take some well deserved time off but you’ve become savvy and know how to monitor your business.

Wealthy Affiliate can help especially if you’re in the first two stages. When you’re at ground zero you need to look around and get support. Its the most surefire way to push you to success. Unless you have an indomitable will. In which case I won’t add anything else.





  1. Matthew Thomas

    I think people tend to think that building a website is extremely difficult and time-consuming, when in reality, it’s fairly cheap and easy to create (at least the framework of it anyway).

    There’s so much opportunity online and it’s somewhat cost-friendly to get started, that everyone should be giving it a shot. With over 3 billion current internet users, chances are you can find a market you enjoy with profit potential.

    Passive income is a dream for many that can become a reality with the right training, tools, and support.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      I totally agree with you and I think you summed up my post very well. Take care.

  2. Chris

    It’s quite interesting how easy it is to get up and running online with any sort of niche or topic – as you point out you only need a bit of knowledge overall and you’re golden! Building the website though – that’s got to be hard work right? Is there an easy way around this that won’t take out my wallet content?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      LOL @ ‘wallet content’.

      Ya I like to read review sites and there are a few products that look like they would drain your wallet. I will tell you that you can buy a domain for 15 bucks per month and a host for 5 bucks per month and you could be set if you knew what to do from there.
      That’s why im so happy with Wealthy Affiliate because there are lessons to complete so you don’t have to guess what comes next. Its approx. 400 bucks for the year so I’m ok paying this for the knowledge im gaining.
      The best way to tell if something is a scam is to see if you are getting real practical advice that shows you what to do. If people are just talking and you’re still wondering what comes next then its going to impact your ‘wallet content’.

      See you.

  3. Marvin

    There are tons of tutorials to build a website nowadays just like this one. I remember when I was in college I studied Information Technology but I didn’t know how to build a single page of a website.

    But the world is rapidly changing. Now you can build a website in just a bout 30 seconds time using a website like Siterubix. And you can start to earn passive income in just a few days, months and etc.

    A great post man. Keep inspiring others with your writing!

    Have a good day!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      I know man, I’ve been online for a long time and I know a fair bit about tech but I just started building websites. Its crazy easy to set up.

  4. Marvin Talaro

    Great man! You’re doing this for years. It’s different from me, I just created my website 3 months ago.

    Anyway, Goodluck to us both Steven!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      I’ve been researching for a few years but I also started in April 2016 and I am happy with the progress. Cheers!


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