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Do you make use of a keyword research tool
when creating a web page? google-485611_1920

If you’re asking ‘what is a keyword research tool for?’, then you’re missing out on a powerful way to market your business. The first time I used my own keyword research tool, I instantly loved it.

Jaaxy is the fastest way to discover what monthly searches are being used in your prospective niche. I am able to instantly see what people are typing in the search engines monthly. I can see how many thousands of people are typing in the phrases that I want to target for my niche.

And not only that, but I can see the competition among other websites for that phrase.

Try it out now! Enter your keyword search below:

When I use a keyword search tool, I have such an unfair advantage against businesses not using one, it should be illegal.

If you don’t have one you will most likely be writing content that is similar to all the other thousands of pages like yours. You will be competing for attention against all the other websites just like yours. SEO and keyword research go hand in hand.

You need to exploit keywords to meet your customers and build your business. There is a reason every startup/ entrepreneurial website talks extensively about keyword research.

Jaaxy is like a powerful brainstorming tool. I’ve come up with marketing ideas just from the endless search phrases. Every search generates so many new ideas it feels like my head is going to explode.

Making use of a keyword research tool will save you so much time. I sometimes jot my ideas down traditionally and draw out a plan of action on paper so I can see the big picture. But when I use a keyword tool, its like opening up a new portal of brainstorming power. Your mind is going to explode.

Keyword research is like gathering data and being able to see which niches to exploit.

My biggest insight into keywords is that not all people with a web business have marketing sense and don’t know how to exploit keywords. What this means is that regular users without having knowledge of this tool will be loosing potential business when they can very simply capitalize on keywords.

Marketers know. Think like a marketer.

‘what is the best way to use keywords’:


Maybe you’re thinking ‘??? that’s not even high monthly traffic???’ and you’re right. but…

I have virtually no competition and and I will be on the first page and I will attract one person a day to my site using this phrase- and if you’re reading this then it worked :)

However, we can drive more traffic than this. A monkey can drive more traffic than this. LOL

Watch this trick I use to generate more traffic from people that don’t even know they need the service I am providing. There are some people that don’t even know they need a product you are offering until you explain to them why they need it.

 ‘how to get more traffic for your website’

(I hate spelling with the pencil tool in paint BTW. It takes hours!!)

This demonstration of ‘how to get more traffic for your website’ allows me to target people looking to drive more traffic but may never have heard of keywords before. Maybe all they know is advertising. Maybe all they know are referrals. By doing this I am (hopefully) providing a useful service to those looking to drive traffic by showing them the powerful methods of using Jaaxy. And I’ve only scratched the surface. You should aim to find search results in the thousands and low QSR.

This method of cross referencing is a marketing trick that everyone should use. (ten thousand business owners and marketers just received way too much information.)

Also notice that by changing a single word in my ‘long-tailed keyword’ search the competition changed ever so slightly. Adding extra words to your keyword by turning it into a phrase will increase your odds of generating traffic. Maybe those run on sentences they told you not to do in school could work in your favor here.

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  1. Amberlee

    Fantastic article! I love the way that you explained Jaaxy and what each column meant for me and my website. I’m wondering after the 30 free searches how much does a monthly membership to Jaaxy cost? And is it easy to use? Can it give me words that can help me build onto my keywords to attract a larger audience?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi Amberlee,
      The answer is yes , yes and yes.
      There are two optional entry points depending on your business size. 20$/ per month for small scale and 50$/ per month for an enterprise.
      The answer is yes and yes for your last two questions :)
      Yes It is easy to use.
      And yes it will feed you words related to whatever you decided to enter in the search bar. I recommend switching words every so often like ‘customer for sale’ or ‘sale for traffic’. This will give you plenty of new options.


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