How to Write Content on a Website

Understanding how to write content on a website will lead to your success. This is because content writing is a skill set in itself going beyond the ability to write well. A content writer is a specialist. Good content writers will grasp that their ultimate goal is to attract and lead the reader. We are solving a problem and leading to the solution. The content I am creating is by intentional design so we have the capability to make the reader feel like they are being guided through the piece.



It is pleasing when the content is easy to navigate.




When I mention content in this post it will be referring to content as having a specific purpose. Content as a means of generation leads and therefore focused in what it intends to do. If the information provided is valuable the reader may subscribe to the prescription.There are certain things a content writer should accomplish.

By the end of this I hope for you to have a better understanding of:

  • communication and style, attracting your audience
  • how to improve your SEO ranking with content
  • how to structure and format your content
  • driving your sales funnel

Writing to Attract Our Audience (not an audience)

This is our primary consideration. For the sake of our audience and the sake of our business (the audience is your business), keep the content focused on the business. The goal is reader retention and making a sale so we do our best to stay on topic and send the reader downstream. I can write my best selling novel later. Let your niche and the checkout cart dictate the topic. Our writing is designed to attract a specific group of people. This is why choosing and understanding your niche is important. Once we know our audience we can suggest the type of communication and style we will use.

The content can be:

  • Informative. We are writing to provide knowledge which the reader is seeking and needing. Hooking the reader immediately is of the utmost importance and should be accomplished within the first paragraph. Then seek to consider all aspects and viewpoints surrounding the topic. Begin from the larger perspective to the smaller intricate workings. Suggest a new and fresh perspective to keep the reader hooked.
  • Pleasing. Aim for a writing style that entertains the reader. You can’t go wrong when you are having fun.
  • Instructional.  A user friendly ‘how to’ style of writing clearly demonstrates the method of solving the problem. Remember how I mentioned navigating your reader?  It is imperative to show the user in steps how to arrive at the solution.  If your audience gets lost following your method he/she will seek new advice. Can you follow your own instructions?

Improve your SEO with Content

Search Engine Optimization is all about competition. The content we are creating may be in high demand so we will have to use tricks that will favor us in the search engine results. The name of the game is attention. Page visits and clicks drive our rankings so figuring out how to go to market to advertise is clutch.

  • Title. Having an attractive title or headline will earn you more clicks. Its the first thing people read. So instantly it should attract your audience by telling them what you are about and by being unique.

  • Keywords. Do your research and see which keywords are underutilized. Even in a competitive field like content writing you can find rare phrases or make use of long-tailed keywords. I usually come up with additional ideas when doing keyword searches so this acts as a brainstorming process.
  • Quality. Original content is favored by Google. Have you notice how regurgitated content on the web has become? Especially among bloggers and social media. To me, social media outlets are being exhausted with repetitive droned out advice, particularly in the field of health and personal development. I don’t think I can tolerate another ‘5 foods to boost your energy’ article. Having an original mindset and creative flair will earn you recognition and retention. Inject your own personality before you hit publish.
  • Social Media. This puts a face to your name and allows people to share your content. It is a networking hub. No two people have the same feeds. I talked to my brother about this and we noticed we have different feeds. Your mindset changes everything. It changes your follows, changes your feed and changes your advertisements. Use this to your advantage to attract a crowd interested in your content.

Structuring and Formatting as Design

There are endless ways to design your page. But consider typical browsing tendencies are from the macro to the micro meaning our eyes scan over the entire screen rapidly first and then narrow and slowly focus as our interest piques- scan and observe then focus and dissect. Because of this I organize everything into sections. And then within that section I break the content up further.  People do not generally read on the internet. Instead they browse and search. They will buy a Kobo if they want to read a novel. It takes enormous concentration to read sitting at a desk, therefor each section is accessible and can be picked out quickly by the eye.

The use of Bold Headlines and text variation create a visually appealing look and make it easy to notice separation. I also like to vary the length of a document but generally 1000 -2000 words is appropriate so there is enough substance.

Using Content as a Sales Funnel

meeting-point-Content writers double serve as marketers.
All of your writing will be geared towards sending the viewer where you want them to go.
It is your job to coerce and lead in the direction you wish. The content should be engaging and interactive. Afterwards you have the option to drive sales. Its about organizing the content so it produces a sales stream. My work flow interacts but all streams lead to the source.

Creating high quality content is an extremely competitive field. The keyword is over-utilized but not necessarily highly searched. It’s debatable if writers employ its uses with awareness. Content marketers understand how to use content favorably. Its been under review and tested and its effectiveness has been demonstrated.

Please share your thoughts on creating quality content below.



  1. Peter Parks

    A bit wordy in spots but overall it does the job. Good work, keep it up.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Thanks for the feedback, I will take it into consideration for my next post.

  2. Cheryl R Brown

    Well done and good luck in your venture.

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      Thanks for the good will.


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