How To Sell Video Games Online 2017

5 “Underground” Sites Selling Video Games In 2017

By underground I mean sites that aren’t the major brands like PC Gamer or IGN. I am going to skip the large companies because I want to focus on smaller individual sites.

This article is going to demonstrate how to sell video games for the individual fan. This is going to be a one man operation that anyone can tackle. And if you succeed there is no reason why you won’t be able to expand and hire people to help you out.

All these start with a website as a platform to showcase and a great reference point. While many people use social media channels to broadcast like Facebook and Twitch, it is my opinion that a website is a great backbone for your en-devour.

I would note that while you may want to get into popular titles like League or WoW there are an endless stream of other quality new game titles always being released so it should be easy to get noticed. You may or may not have trouble getting noticed with developed titles that have been out for a while like League of Legends because it is a competitive space and 6 years in the making.

When my friend inside Wealthy Affiliate showed me this site and how popular it was, I couldn’t believe it!

This site looks good but it also fits the ‘undercover’ profile. Its easy to see how one person can put a site like this together but would you believe this site gets 250,000 visitors a month!

Look at how his numbers have been increasing since August.



This increase of traffic shows how he is able to carve out a good niche for himself and there is opportunity available in this market.
He sells a variety of merchandise like equipment and chairs in addition to game titles.

This site is larger than the previous and I am pretty sure there is more than one person working on it but I put it in as an example because it is a blog style and very achievable to do.

These guys get a million visitors per month and it looks like they make money by linking out as an affiliate to

This is the other reason I am including them in this list because offers better commissions for referrals than Amazon so check them out if you plan on building a gaming website.

Wealthy Affiliate will get you started with your video game affiliate site right away with a free introductory month.


This is another blog review site that has a view people writing the articles (you can get articles outsourced for $10).

They look like they’re focusing on rare titles, I only found a few popular games like Ghost Recon or Mindcraft.

I tried to find links to buy stuff but didn’t find any so I’m not sure how they are making money. It looks like this is just casual for these guys. I think they are a team of part time gamers and writers.

But it shows how you can get traffic with even obscure titles or articles.


This girl has a small audience of 3,000 a month and her interest is primarily anime.

Her site is well developed because she posts frequently (several times per week).

It looks to me like she is using Google Ads and Amazon Affiliates to make some money.

Here’s another small blog doing 15k hits per month and last month he did 35k hits for some reason. He has been around for a while since 2003 and games with his children.

This is a cool way to interact with your kids and keep an eye on what they are consuming at the same time. I played a lot of games with my Dad and my brother growing up and this is a project we would’ve loved.
He has a variety of unique angles so check him out. He doesn’t even promote too much, he just has a link to Amazon asking for a donation by purchasing something which is different.


I hope this list gave you some new ideas and maybe it even inspired you to start up your own niche gaming site. Esports are blowing up and I think they will overtake competitive sports because the access point is easy.

I found some of these sites from:
It’s quite a huge list but it will give you a TON of ideas about building a gaming site. You can even have a site focused specifically on a one game and then link out to your social channels where you can stream and build game guides.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate now to start building your game site. They offer a premium service and the first month is free.


  1. Lauren

    This seems like a really good niche to get into. Lately I’ve seen a lot of websites that allow you to buy in-game currency for a cheaper price than is offered in the game – which is awesome and is another very creative way of making money through gaming. This is a great post and shows a creative and cool way to make money through a love of gaming.

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Ya gaming is very lucrative. And the way they are set up is exactly how internet marketing is set up. They give you the free offers and if you like it you buy into it. The new thing is affiliate gaming where you promote the actual game and make commissions from in game purchases. They started this with gambling sites a few years ago and now its becoming the trend with popular titles and with most things on the internet.


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