How To Make Your Own Website Free 2017

SiteRubix Lets You Create Your Own Website Free For Beginners And Advanced Levels Alike.

You’ve heard about WordPress mentioned and you’re probably like I was when I started…very curious to try your own website and maybe a little unsure of how it fits together.

When my friend told me she has her site put together with WordPress, I really didn’t understand, I thought it was some super techie thing…

But there is no mystery…or at least by the end of this you’ll see for yourself how to build one.

And leave with your own finished WordPress site.

So what is WordPress? WordPress is the software platform built by its own users over a period of time since its beginnings. This is the interface which lets you put up pictures and write posts and move the layout around. It can be adapted and adjusted to pretty much anyway you need and improvements are continuously being made by the community.

First there is an installation process that you need to do to hook it up to your domain or the name you choose to call your site.

Let’s get started right away.

Hit this link:



Pick a name you like for your site. You get two of these for FREE so it doesn’t have to perfect this one is a test.
I’m going to call mine therebelfoundation and my site is going to be about gardening, tech, hunting, permaculture, survival and God.



From here you are taken to a create your account screen…

Now lets pick the options for our site…Other hosting services aren’t this easy to start… Wealthy Affiliate makes configurations really simple to start plus this platform teaches everything WordPress and Affiliate. are their hosting servers they built.

You have two options for Step 1: A Free Website or On a Domain I Own
You can see what the extension looks like in the box…
If you want a .com website only extension you have to register your domain name. Its like this anywhere you go so for now we’re going just take the free and we can transfer it over later onto the .com extension.
(see image below for reference).

Step 2 asks you to ‘Name your Website’ and this is the title that will appear on the first page when people visit.
for me it’s: The Rebel Foundation.

Now the exciting part!!! Important Update! It won’t matter which of these you choose at the beginning because we have to install and customize them afterwards anyway, so just choose the first one you see on the screen! seriously, just choose any image.

Step 3 asks to choose a theme for your site. There are quite a few options and I would recommend choosing one that is mobile friendly because most people use their phones to search now, like 70% of searches are mobile.

And some of these layouts are better suited depending on your needs. Some have a great first impression and are focused and others read like a newspaper and are scattered. Some will be great for social sharing and some for educational and others for promoting an offer.

Maybe find examples of what you want to mimic and see if you can find one that resembles.
Choose what you like, it’s a little overwhelming there are so many options…LOL…you can scroll for days with 2470 different looking options.

Not all of the Demos showcase properly but about half of them do.

For me I also checked how it looked on my phone!!! This is very important!

Here’s some sample themes I pre-selected for you. Unfortunately there’s no search bar on this menu, but I took screenshots images to help you find it.

Bluestreet– Really stylish, lots of options, good reviews and receiving a bunch of downloads daily. There’s a few minor animations that should be ok, some of the other themes I checked had too many animations that messed up performance so watch out for that.

MegaMag has a cool feature that lets you scroll through images at the top of the page so its good for two reasons because it’s interactive and it showcases. Looks pretty cool on the phone. People will stay on your page longer because of this.

I like Muso theme because I know the loading times will be good and the landing page looks awesome! A great image and title will stand out.

And last, check out Relia and Readit.

I like Writee because of the social sharing embedded on each post and you can see comments. And the layout looks good on mobile.























After you’ve chosen any image, (its not going to matter at this point) you can follow the class that you see on your dashboard on the left. Its going to walk you through setting up your theme. You can log into the editor on this next page too…Admin Details- Login (blue button).
From here just follow the instructions given on the main page. To be honest I can’t see what the page looks like with my account because I’m already advanced through the course. There are numerous things you can do so it’s up to you…just follow the lessons that you see on your main page.

You can log into your WordPress Editor as Admin and then you can go into Appearance> Themes (on the right column menu) or by using the Dashboard> Customize Your Site or Change Your Theme. The lessons will walk you through the process.

Please comment below if you have trouble. Thanks.


  1. vincent

    Awesome content you got there! I wish I had found this post a little bit sooner, it would have made things a lot easier for me. I needed to fund this all out on my own, it took me a few hours. With this article I am sure you will help people do what i did in a few in a matter of 30 minutes. Great work!

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Thanks man, the set up is really fast this way.

  2. delroaustria

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge in online business.

    Its been five (5) months since I found and joined WEALTHY AFFILIATE. I also started from nothing but now I’m glad that I have build my first live website. I cannot do all these stuff without the help of the Wealthy Affiliate training program and its helping community.

    I highly recommended Wealthy Affiliate to everyone to see for themselves the best training that they can ever experience in building a website and become successful.

    They can try it for FREE!

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Right on!


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