Funnel Hacks Webinar- The #1 converting webinar of all time!!


This Is The #1 Converting Webinar Of ALL Time!!!

—>Thursday December 8th, 2016 @3:00pm EAST/ 12 Noon PST<—

(click the option to be notified via text SMS)

This will be his last time doing this webinar live ever…


Would you like to see what a funnel that’s currently making $17,947 PER DAY (not per month) looks like?

And, what if you could ETHICALLY knock off this SAME funnel, in less than 10 minutes?

Russell is going to show you behind the scenes of this funnel (you’ll see each of the pages, and why they work so well).

Now, this funnel is in a strange niche, but you can use the framework to build out million dollar funnels selling info products, coaching program, local services and more…

Would you like to see this funnel? If so, then reserve your seat here.

What You’ll Learn On This FREE Training Web Class!


Secret #1: “How To Ethically Steal Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Funnel Hacks From Your Competitors, For Under $100”

Secret #2: “How To Clone Their PROVEN Funnel In Less Than 10 Minutes!” (This One Is Easier Then You’d Think!)

Secret #3: “How To Get Their SAME Customers To Buy Your Products” (Without Them Knowing You Exist!)

**Plus- Get A Free Two Week Trial Of ClickFunnels Just For Registering For The Web Class Today!!


This webinar routinely maxes out for seating. Be sure to book your slot in advance. Only 200 seats available this Thursday, December 8th, 2016. Use the option to be notified via text SMS. This is going to be the 60th and last time Russell does this LIVE.

Funnel Hacks Webinar Is Changing In 2017!

Because This Is A 60th Celebratory Webinar, this will be the last time you get this to watch this webinar and the last time you get the offer.
The price will be increasing in 2017!

Funnel Hacks Webinar Offer 2016
$9,770 Value For Only $997





Comment Below If You’d Like To See How You Can Integrate Your WordPress Page With ClickFunnels.


  1. Gila

    I’m very interested to see how to Integrate Your Word Press Page With Click Funnels. How can I get the information?
    Where can I find case studies for it?
    Click funnel is very intriguing and I just signed for the 14 days trial.
    Do you have personal experience with Click Funnel?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi Gila,
      Yes, I am using ClickFunnels daily. I first learned about Landing Pages and Email Optins through ClickFunnels. Shortly after Wealthy Affiliate discussed these practices during their weekly training’s…along with Facebook Adverts. I love both these products because they teach you how to set up an online business and they both have amazing recurring income affiliate opportunities.

      Here is a video tutorial that demonstrates how to set up a landing page in your WordPress site:

      There is a plugin you will need to install into your WordPress site and then a few simple configurations. You can start this right away and build a landing page now with your free trial.
      Email me if you have any questions or post here so I can assist. I think I gave my account info to support the first time and they set me up…LOL…if you’re trusting enough :)

  2. Iain

    That’s a big claim to make – the biggest selling funnel of all time….how can you/they/he measure that without having every single funnel’s data recorded from times past?
    Granted, it’s a hugely impressive figure but I’m always wary of such bold claims. Sounds like a great webinar though and one that I’m sure will captivate many.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      In his own words I guess…he’s openly challenged anyone head to head…You should take up the challenge :) I’m sure there are statistics floating around. Its a great webinar anyway, you will learn a lot from it.

      He was recently featured on CNBC’s hit show ‘The Profit’ where he built sales funnels for ‘‘.

      I got hooked 😛

  3. Cassia

    Hi, thanks for this new info. Is this recommendable for someone who is new in affiliate marketing? What is the difference between this and WA? For right now, it seems to me that WA has the answer for almost everything pertaining to affiliate marketing. However, your post intrigued me enough; so I guess, I can just check it out. It could probably complement WA (?)

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi Cassia,

      ClickFunnels is a drag and drop software that lets you build landing pages and opt in forms and send out automated emails and set up payment options… It is very fast to use and move your pages/ funnels around in the editor. Wealthy Affiliate is geared towards websites and SEO. I think the two in combination are amazing.

      Check out Jays training inside of WA on Facebook ads to see how you can use Clickfunnels right away. Also be sure to mark this date: December 8th @3pm EST to watch the webinar.

      In the meantime you can try the two week free trial of ClickFunnels now!

      You can check out my landing page promotion under my ‘Reviews’ and ‘Affiliate Blueprints’ to see how I integrated my sales funnel with this site…or here.

  4. John

    Great post on the funnel hacks webinar!
    I recently started using ClickFunnels and following a lot of Russell Brunson’s work and I must say that I am very impressed.
    If any of his other webinars are anything to go by, I am sure that this will be no exception and most probably is the #1 converting webinar of all time.
    Funnel Hacks sounds like a really great deal, and you should definitely lock it in at 2016 pricing.
    I will be on this webinar fore sure :-)

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Cool John, have you built any funnels yet?
      I’ve built a ton of funnels and have had a bunch of job offers as a result (which is amazing having people come asking for favors :)) …right now I’m basically running Facebook Ads with my landing pages to build a subscribers list and to send people to my affiliate links.

      I bought this same Funnel Hacks membership because I figured I’d have it for half a year, its cheaper than the $250 per month and you get all the bonuses.

      1. John

        I have built just a basic opt-in funnel and so far it is converting very well.
        I am basically doing the same thing as you in regard to FB ads.
        Looking forward to build out more successful funnels in the new year!

  5. Richard

    You have certainly given me something to think about.
    I have never heard of click funnels and reading your post has certainly got me interested

    I clicked on your link toClick funnels and had a look at the webinar. This is an additional tool I could use for my business later on.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      ya I’m a ‘tool junkie’…that doesn’t sound right…haha

      Online marketing tools are cool right?

  6. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    This funnels webinar sounds pretty cool. I run multiple websites. I use WordPress as my content management system. Is this funnel software able to integrate with WordPress?

    Also, I understand integration with an autoresponder will be required at some point in the funnels – is Aweber compatible with the system and methods taught?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Yes, You can integrate easily with WordPress…there is a plugin for you to install.
      I’ve never used Aweber because ClickFunnels has a built in Autoresponder that you get with this package from the webinar.
      It looks like AWeber is compatible after looking over this support guide:

      Only three steps :)

  7. Michel

    I am presently away on holiday and have very limited internet connection, but when I get back home next week I definitely will bookmark this page and give Click Funnels a go on the free trial if it is still available.

    I am at the stage of my affiliate marketing now where I need to put some more effort into building a list and looking a ways to earn recurring income. Thanks for an interesting read.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      No problem, I hope you enjoy. This has diversified my internet marketing experience.

  8. Grace | Work Anywhere Now

    I have heard of Click Funnels before and I think they are very expensive. However, seems like an awesome product if you can afford it. Do you personally use them? Doesn’t hurt to watch his last webinar though! :)

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Yes, I am using ClickFunnels. Its an amazing product! I love building funnels. My other site is
      You can also check out GetResponse or Leadpages if you want something cheaper. But this deal here will last you for a solid 6 months which is still cheaper than a university education and you will be with a great internet marketing team and the support staff is amazing…you have a dialogue box as you are working so you can ask any question you have. Tonny Robbins used ClickFunnels for his last book launch.
      Thanks Grace.

  9. Deva

    I’ve never heard of Click Funnels. What you get for $ 250 a month? What happens if you give up and stop paying monthly? What about Support? Do beginners can easily master all webinars and lessons? My website need traffic, this seems like a great idea, but too expensive for me. In any case, I am very curious and I will follow you and your comments.Thanks

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi, If you want to stop a month it is 9.99 to keep all your info on hold.
      The support staff is amazing, you have a live dialogue box ready to go anytime you need plus you have all the facebook groups. I’ve never used facebook so much before…so you can meet all those people…
      Yes, this is no problem for a beginner there is a ton of training available and help.

  10. Shawn

    Interesting concept and one I bet really rakes in the money.
    I am always a bit leery of these high priced webinars as I know most of the money goes into the pockets of the host.
    What makes this one any different?
    Just curious as the claims of making huge amounts of money usually sets off red flags for me.
    I am always open to most any good deal, can you give me more info? This could be a great opportunity!


    1. Steven (Post author)

      I used to be leery about this stuff too…but I just went for it and I made a good decision. I don’t think there is anything to be weary about…they just sold out an event in Vegas with a great roster of speakers including Tony Robbins and 14 yr old Caleb Maddix.

      Check out the event here.

      You can tell this is a great event, I don’t think its a scam…I am going to keep trying until I figure out this internet marketing business. I hope to go to Vegas for WA also one day!

      Ya so this is a deal because of all the bonuses, but mainly an enterprise cost is $250 per month and you get everything included…so just doing that math is like saving $500 straight up. This is how I usually buy things now if I am in a position to do so.

      I suggest just trying the free trial and do your WA promotions with it and use facebook ads. You are going to enjoy it.


  11. Jess

    This sounds like a good recommendation for Click Funnels, especially since Russell Brunson is a very well known name in the internet marketing industry. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to check this out.

    Curious – what types of results are you experiencing – more traffic, subscribers, clicks, or conversions – or all of the above? Thanks!

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi Jess, I have been very happy using this system it has opened my eyes to a variety of marketing possibilities. I’ve had people approach me for work without looking on both LinkedIN and Facebook, I’ve built a funnel for an app that was launched and had modest sign ups and a small list, and I’ve sold some low end trip wire funnel products like books and webinar scripts.
      I am not making 17k a day yet, so your results will vary.

  12. Gary

    I’m at the stage now when I need to focus more on funnels and email marketing.

    I’m sure ClickFunnels would make the process easier, but the price for me is off-putting. I would have to be sure it would soon pay for itself. At the moment, I can’t justify that expense and don’t see the value in it, at least not to that degree.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      no problem..feel free to check the webinar if you want to learn some stuff about funnels

      this was taken by a newsletter I received…and yes I am an affiliate and I use clickfunnels and i build funnels for people.
      Why does that matter?
      1st – NO Webinar in the history of webinars has made more money than this one. You need to get your piece of that.
      2nd – The price is going up after January 1st
      3rd – We have quite a few bonuses just for you but ONLY this week.

      The Webinar is this coming Thursday, December 8th at 1 PM MST (Noon PST /3 PM EST)

      im really happy in my position because i wanted to be here so bad only just a few months ago and we’re going strong…
      good luck on your endeavors.

  13. Robert Allan

    Hello Steven
    First off I am certainly going to sign up for the webinar.
    I mean, who wouldn’t like to learn how to make great money every day and not just per month.
    I have to admit, being in the business for more years than I care to remember I have never come across something like this before.
    Roll on December 8th.
    Robert Allan

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Haha, Amazing Robert! Check out this podcast from the owner of Organify supplements until then.

  14. Dejan

    This webinar sounds interesting, and it’s free, I guess I have nothing to lose. So when I sign up to this webinar, I’m getting a two weeks trial for Clickfunnels, right?
    And how much does Clickfunnels cost when my free trial expires?
    This Funnel Hacks webinar offer for 997$ is definitely too expensive for me, though :)

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Yes you can get two weeks free with the link HERE…clikfunnels starts at 99.00/ month

  15. Tim

    Hi Steven

    Thanks for the article on funnel hacks webinar. It is quite interesting. Almost $10,000 worth the tools and material for less than $1,000 is a pretty big deal. Making almost $18,000 a day is mind blowing. What do you suggest that one does with limited resources to work with that is new to the field of internet marketing?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      I recommend getting this BOOK.
      and you can try other landing page software and types of advertising.

  16. Oren

    Hi Steven, this is an interesting article about Click Funnels. I’ve never heard of this system.

    It sounds like something that can be useful for qualifying and building lists. I currently promote via SEO and PPC.

    I will have to take a look at it later when I’m ready to scale up my marketing efforts, and can justify the investment.

    Thanks for sharing, Oren

  17. Tim


    A few years ago I tried a program from Russell. I was not that impressed with the material. It was long on gimmicks of what you can make and short on real substance.

    Anytime someone tells me they make over $17,000 per day on a sales funnel, is probably stretching the truth. Wealthy affiliate is a tried and true program that works through hard work and systems that work.

    There are no short cuts.

    Thanks for sharing.


  18. Dennis

    Wow sounds good! I have heard of Russell Brunson before and he always has great products. I have seen clickfunnels before also and have always shied away because of the price. Many of the wealthy affiliate folk are using it now and all I have heard is good. I read you aree also using facebook ads/ How is that going?

  19. Anastazja

    I am fairly new to internet business opportunities. Apparently, I missed the live video training, but I hope I will be able to view it at some point. I am not sure what a funnel is in terms of affiliate marketing. I think the claims you mention may be exaggerated, but the concept is interesting. As I said, I am new to the world of internet business so I am unfamiliar with many to the terms used. I don’t know funnel hack, traffic hack or inception as the terms relate to an internet business. I have learned a great deal over the past two months and hope to have the opportunity to learn about the concept of funnel hack. I would appreciate knowing if there is a way to watch the video now that the live presentation is over. Your page captured my imagination. If the process is 1/4 as valuable as the claim, I am interested. I hope to learn how to watch this video. I have seen the page a day too late.

  20. Ilias

    Hi Steven, I admit that the titles of the webinar are really interesting. They make me want to watch them.

    If I join how should I send traffic to my funnels? Do I need a website, ads or social media?

    I think that I need to know that before investing.

    Thanks for sharing, it is an interesting program.

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      Hi, You cana run facebook and/ or instagram ads for the funnels. You can also use SEO options. The funnels are the website but it is WordPress compatible if you have a preexisting site. Or you can still use your domain and just ad an extension to the address.


  21. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Steve, I have heard great things about Click funnels. If I ever had a high traffic website, I would be sure to start promoting Click Funnels so that I could get my hands on that BMW. Do they still offer the BMW if you make 100 sales? Also, is the $997 payment for life, or is it like a yearly payment?

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      haha, ya you still get the Dream Car with 100 sales and the $997 is the full package for 6 months, normally $1800.


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