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google-adsense-logoCheck it out.

Today I am going to walk you through a Google Adsense account sign up walk through. When I type in ‘google adsense’ the first thing I see is “Make Money Online Through Website Monetization”. Perfect. That’s exactly what we’re after and that promise from google is the promise land.


I went to the library yesterday and took out a bunch of books and this was recommended. Google Adsense has the largest ad inventory and is once again leading in this category. So lets sign up right away and get this going. The reader said he was skeptical at first and that was my reaction to Adsense at first. I didn’t think a few pennies per click would make a difference but this is going to grow over time.

In the beginning we will probably make only a few cents from the advertisement but as our audience grows so the ads will spike with more clicks. Our site will grow month by month so just be patient. I’ve already seen organic traffic coming to my site after being up for about a month.

Google Adsense allows you to have appropriate advertisements placed on your website and every time someone clicks the ad you get a percentage. At the end of each month Google will cut you a check for what you tallied. This is the kind of passive income we’re after.

Go to Google and type:

On the main page click ‘Sign Up Now’. You will need to have a regular Google account prior to this:


Welcome to Adsense! Click ‘Sign In’ using your google account.


Next there is an information page where you enter all your information and submit your application. I’m going to keep that page confidential.

Ok, we’re finished! Our application is under review to see if our website is compatible and meeting the specifications google requires. We have to wait one week now maximum to see if our application for our website we entered will be accepted.


Affirmative action, Proceed

I received my confirmation today, only 1 day later not a week so that is sweet, I wanted to finish this post all in one take. It looks like I just need to get my code so that when people click the ad on my page google will know its mine. Its going to be a similar code that you receive with an affiliate site. The big warning which I heard about before and appears again in this message is to NOT click on your own ads. Not even to test them out.Capture4

Ok, so there is a Guide to Adsense that comes with it that we can look into for further information on how it works but lets just go for now until I have questions. I’m going to ‘Sign in to Google Adsense to create your first ad unit and get fully approved.’

The next page consists of user agreements. I read the agreements on the left because they’re highlighted and generally skim through the other agreements and terms. If there is a problem I will sort it out later or as it arises. Also, everyone posts a user agreement- its going to protect you against anyone acting fraudulent but in good conscious you will be fine.

Click ‘Continue to my Adsense Account’.



Our account is still in review it looks like but they are encouraging us to create our first advertisement. Lets click the ‘Get started now’ to create an ad.


Ok, this next screen looks like the main platform for building an ad. This is where the creative process will be in effect. Its up to us to navigate from here on out and to tap into the earning potential. Lets spend some time getting our first advertisement up and we can take if from there. If we don’t like it we will just remove it. Remember that Publishers aren’t supposed to click their own ads. Your platform should look like this for the first time:


To create a test ad just click ‘New ad unit’. Here you receive some more input like ‘Name’, ‘Ad Type’ and ‘Ad Size’. Just play around with it to begin and learn how the platform works. Click ‘Save and get code’ when you’re ready.


















Next you will be lead to a box that has your code. You can also get your code anytime you want afterwards. There is a highlighted ‘Get code’ under the new ad you created. Here is the code text you will need in the pop up that opens.


Copy the coded text and then we’re going to paste it in our ‘Text’ section in WordPress.

Trouble shooting for Google Adsense says that the first step of the process of which we’ve just completed. You should have received a confirmation email after creating your account. The second step after putting the code into your site includes waiting for feedback from the google “specialists” while they review your site.

I’ve added the code just above and it currently doesn’t show so I am going to wait another few days to see what happens. I’ve also added a widget to my right hand column and I can see the widget is up but I don’t see the add there either so I will wait to see what happens.
My account is showing that I am still in review:











Please check back later…

Well, this turned out to be a disappointment- I was denied access. I think it’s because I’m still growing my business and creating an audience. I will up date this again when the time is right. My goal is another couple months.


  1. Teresa

    Excellent step by step instructions on how to set up Google Adsense. I like that there are pictures showing what some of the ads look like once they are set up. The instructions on how to set up your first ad are easy to follow. After all this I am sorry to see that you were denied. Hopefully very soon.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      haha, ya that was too bad, I just have to be patient for now because they want more monthly traffic. It was good practice documententing every action I took to make the account because its nice to see someone else do it first hand. Hopefully I can qualify in another few months.

  2. Boss Body UK

    this is a great article very helpful for people who are struggling with google adsense. it can be rather tricky for first timers, i personally struggled with getting the ads to display then i realised adblock is what was preventing it. i loved the step by step guide on getting eveything set up

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Adblock is the google chrome option right?

  3. Rob S.

    Google adsense doesn’t seem too difficult to master and sign up for. There’s some great advice here for Google adsense. I really enjoy your tip about not clicking on your own ads. I didn’t know that. You have to follow the rules of Google and be careful that you know what they are. One thing I would mention? You might want to wait until your website is up long enough for Google to trust it and approve your submission?

    1. Steven Shelton (Post author)

      ya for sure, your site should be up and active before you register but I was approved very early still.


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