Email Marketing

You should always be keeping track of the visitor to your website.

I would assume for most people- as it is for me- that they check their email first thing when they log online.

Turn those visitors into subscribers and build a list of prospective clients.

A visitor is a very cold consumer. When they give you their email list they warm up to your brand.

Keep track of who has already bought from you. Build a sales funnel.

Every bricks & mortar retailer grabs your phone number and email address. You should be doing the same with your business.

Maybe you write tones of content but have no way of knowing who is reading. How are you going to contact those people?

You have prospective clients and paying clients.

It’s easier to retain  those people who have already taken an interest in you. They should be receiving the best service because they become your base that allows your business to grow.


Some of our closest friends are also our best customers. This is also how a community develops its own commerce through an internal network circulating the wealth from within.

These people will give you the feedback and become your down-line. They will look to you for the recent advice and news. Especially if they are already invested in you. And not only that but they will advocate for you loyally.

Your client base when satisfied will vouch for you and you will naturally grow your business. Without having to pay for advertising.

Begin creating a list right away.

An email list must be done organically. What happens when you receive an email you don’t recognize? Instant junk.

We want people to naturally give us there email contact information so we can begin a movement and have engagement with our visitors. These people are extremely important because they are your business.

The way to set this up is in two stages:

  1. you need to have a email capture option.
  2. you need to have a newsletter to follow up with these people.

Creating an email list and delivering fresh newsletters builds a relationship with your guest.

Three times you are giving your visitor useful information.

  1. once when they first find out about you and read your page.
  2. twice when they sign up and receive the first newsletter.
  3. three times when you’ve included a bonus report or training or rare or unique content.

After all that usefulness anyone would be more inclined to discover what the paid content contains. Your visitor will be ‘warmed’ up towards you and will want to see the paid product.

Further more, with an email list you can message your down line any time you release new content or a new product.

Be sure not to abuse this list. Only send relevant information and space out the frequency of time like either bi-weekly or monthly.

The main purpose is to initially implant an image or association with your brand. An email is sent immediately upon subscription and the bonus is given.

Afterwards the emails are sent as a reminder to get return visits or as a re marketing strategy (more on conversion on conversion and sales coming soon).

Setting up your emails list with the right technology.

Right now I am using SumoMe because I saw it recommended a few places and because I’ve opt in to other newsletters using it. I was already familiar with it.

With SumoMe you get the ’email opt in pop up’ and some very useful additional plugins but you will still have to subscribe to an auto-mailer and newsletter campaign service. You’re going to need an additional third party eventually.

The email services I recommend are compatible with SumoMe but also offer their own ‘opt in pop ups’.

The future is run by robots and artificial intelligence (haha, no seriously though). Optimize your website with email automation.

Free plugin with paid options. Many useful tools like List Builder, Social Media Share buttons, Welcoming Mat and Heat Maps (tracks where your visitors are clicking).

This doesn’t send automated emails but syncs with the companies listed below.


They have a nice pricing model that scales as your subscribers grow. Free to start until you reach 1000+ subs.



 How else can an email list protect your business?

This is going to be your personal list. Meaning you will always have contact with these people. It will be protected from any algorithm changes you see from Google or social media sites.

Facebook recently made its 3rd algorithm change of the year. And last year Google had their ‘Panda’ update. This means you can’t rely on outside factors to remain constant.

Its going to take you 10 minutes to begin collecting your list and develop better relationships with your visitors.