There are many ways to make money online. You can build your own web business and earn directly from your website or use it to advertise your ‘face to face’ business. There are some obvious and not so obvious ways to earn revenue.

Choose a way to earn:

Sell a Product
Provide a Service
Teach, Train, Mentor
As an Affiliate
Membership Communities
Ads, Sponsors

Sell A Product

If you are starting out read about choosing a niche.

This is what I think of first when I think of selling. A product is tangible to measure. People know exactly what they want and can see directly what they are getting. A car can easily be describe by its performance and dimensions. There is no guess work. The price can be compared easily. I can walk into two different stores and compare the same product at different pricing.

However, there are ways to leverage to your advantage.

User Experience.
Part of shopping for me is the experience itself. I sometimes like to browse and check out all the merchandise. Maybe you’ve noticed that many clothing stores now offer you drinks while you shop and have benches for you to relax. This really increases the experience when I’m out with my girlfriend. I also like private show rooms. Creating a memorable experience for your customer will have them returning.

This will be developed over time through your efforts. When you develop a reputation people won’t mind paying more from you. You have created a social brand of awareness and have the accompanying trust factor. Your buyer knows that you will back up your word and this creates a feeling of security.

Provide a Service

I’ve identified two ways of using a website to provide a service.

The first is using your website to promote a traditional model type of service.
Trades people, Chauffeur service, dog walking and all traditional service oriented work can be promoted with a website to increase business.

The second is using by using technology to build a software platform that provides a service or solves a problem. Startup ventures are a good way to make this happen because you will pull a team of people together and each person will provide a skill set to make the project work. Anything you are using online is a tech based service. so Windows or Google or WordPress, these are all tech based and can be built without a computer engineer.
If you get the proper team together you can really go ham.

When these two elements mentioned above are combined you end up with companies like AirBnB and Uber. They operate on a technical platform and they accommodate a live service. Brilliant. The growth for both companies was insane. From zero to billions practically overnight.

Teach, Train, Mentor

Man desires knowledge.

Any skill set is marketable. If you know something I don’t know, I want to know. I value knowledge.

Schooling is accessible to anyone with a computer. Accessibility is the name of the game. We want to reach an audience. Do you prefer one hundred or one hundred thousand?

If you’re offering attractive or unique training,  people will fly in from around the world to attend these events. Tony Robbins has trained thousands of people world wide.

Training and teaching for any subject will be sought after. Whatever you know, whatever you enjoy doing, you have the capability to foster a community and share interests and skill sets.

What are you passionate about? Consider setting up a curriculum, build the software and create an interactive interface and people will come.

At WealthyAffiliates.com you learn step by step with all the help you need along the way. The entire course lays out the ways to make money from home with continual live support and a growing interactive community.

Wealthy Affiliate offers conferences yearly to its members that achieve outstanding results. Take part by growing your online business and meeting with other successful internet entrepreneurs.

As with providing a service, you can teach from your laptop or you can promote from your laptop and teach in a rented space.


Go indie and start your own film project. Use a website as a platform for your promotional studio.

Write a book and sell it on your own website and freelance to a larger distribution company like Kindle and earn a commission through each sale. This is a great way to establish yourself in a field of work and demonstrate your expertise.

Many creatives prefer spending their time developing and producing their craft. At some point though you have to promote your work. Doing so over the net is a great way to distribute your art to a large audience. You can build a portfolio as part of a community directory.

As An Affiliate

An easy way to begin making sales online is to become an affiliate for a company. In this way you become an extension of the company and endorse their products or services. You can sell anything online.

The benefits of an affiliate website are that you don’t even need to create a product or service to sell. You will be selling other peoples products or service. So you will be representing their company.

Right now Amazon and Ebay both have opportunities for people to become associate partners or affiliates. Choose from millions of products to advertise and earn commission.

  • You don’t need to have your own product or service.
  • You do not need to have a warehouse to store all those products.
  •  You do not need to look after shipping and receiving.
  • You do not need to hire employees.
  • Low up front costs.

So what are the costs of running an affiliate website. Well, you need to have a website and you need to know about what you are selling and you should be passionate about what you are selling because it will make it more enjoyable for yourself and your customer will definitely be more interested. I can tell 9 times out of ten when someone isn’t interested. At the very least fake it till you make it!

Get started with WealthyAffiliate.com and build your own web business now. If you don’t have a website you don’t have a way to make sales. You can have your own affiliate partnership running within 24 hours.

Membership Communities

Surround yourself with people living the dream. Surround yourself with people who are doing it and want to help you and support you.

Join an community and gain insider information and belong to the group and make things happen.

Membership communities typically have recurring monthly or yearly fees but usually provide unlimited ongoing access. Inside are the movers and shakers in their prospective field.

Ads and Sponsors

Set up a blog in your niche and once you’re driving traffic set up ads and banners.

Get a sponsor and let them give you free products while you offer free reviews and promotions.