Driving Traffic and Social Media

We’ve done quite a bit of work up to this point. You should have built the major framework of your website. You have set up some core pages of content, build a landing page and a checkout page. And you have accumulated a working knowledge of mostly the technical components.

At this point you need to bring prospective customers to your website and you need to form relationships with people. Its actually more beneficial especially if you are in marketing to be building working relationships with people within your domain. These are the people who buy from you and also promote you if they are satisfied. And generally I am satisfied when I`m doing something I love already and collaborating with those on the same mission. So its a win win situation all around.

Getting involved and generating traffic and transitioning into the sale is your business. Without it you don`t have much of anything.

But this should come second nature because you`re already engaged in the field or niche that you`re in and the people will be there.

Marketers are notorious for promoting each others products. Its the best way to be noticed by others in your marketplace.

Its pretty obvious for example if you`re into boxing you`re going to get to know other boxers and the longer you`re in the game the more people you know. And your network grows that way.

Marketing is noting the psychology behind these forces at work.

If I`m building web businesses I need to market to other people building web businesses. Which is extremely broad in context, but the better I become the more traffic I will bring to me naturally.

I am active in communities and circles and everyday I check out other websites similar in nature to mine to see what others are doing so I come to know the game. And others will see my posts and links and check me out and my sphere of influence will grow.

CaptureConsistencyThat`s why you have to be committed long term.

“No one listened to my podcast when it started, but I kept doing it because consistency is the key to success and longevity.”
– Russell Brunson

Think in sports you have the great players that everybody knows like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. Everybody knows who these guys are because they`ve been in the game for a long time and they’ve become really great at what they do. They didn’t just win one championship, they`ve won several over the years of their careers.

Guys that played one season aren’t remembered for the most part. You can become relevant very quickly but lasting power builds the monumental achievements.

Also marketing isn’t as ruthless as sports where there are clear cut winners and losers. In marketing we are competing but also collaborating. The market place incorporates everyone- we are all consumers and the flow of money is constantly in exchange or motion.

There are goods and services always in exchange so you always have an audience.

Probably the first sale is the hardest but after that you feel a sense of relief and also realize you can do this its not hard. And that’s when you keep the embers hot and ride the momentum.

Ok so these are all natural and organic ways of boosting your brand by staying in the game. How can we increase or speed up this process?

Three ways to boost your presence are through:

  1. Social Media
  2. Related Forums
  3. Direct approach

Social Media

With social media you can have a twitter and facebook profile and that is a great way for people to just go and see who you are and who you know. You don’t really have to do much.

Some people stay active which shows your engagement but others are more recluse and that’s actually ok if its your personal page. What it is, is a way for people to reach out for you and take note of your online presence and when they see you, you become more of a ‘real person’.

In addition to basic profiling we can create profiles for our brand. Branding on social media is great and its free.

If you have a business page you are going to want to promote it often. Keeping it updated will show people you are active and you can really do a a lot with it like interacting with your audience.

Ways of interacting are holding contests and giving away free sh*t, having guests in your related field and asking for feedback. Really though you can do whatever you want, the onus is on you.

A trick you can use is to follow people who are in your domain and just comment to them and most of the time they will follow you back.

There are automated programs for some sites, like I know tumblr has robots that will automate this process for you. That will net you thousands of followers and when you update your material it will go out to all those accounts and you will grow surely and generate click traffic.

I think Youtube and Webinars are another way where people can see you speak and is super effective way to make yourself known, moreso than just a photo. The same can be said for podcasts.

Related Forums

Again being with the right people who are asking similar questions. Maybe you’ve already had the same issues and solved them for yourself, well this is how you can share your expertise and help people out. When you do that they will look you up (like on social media) or check out your website link.

This is also a great opportunity to post content regularly and people will be happy to have free useful advice. If you’re posting fresh content then you become the guy or gal and people will take an interest in you. This is really an effective way to generate a following.

With forums, the most useful posts often get bumped and remain active for quite some time and if it has hundreds of replies and views it will get attention and be a source of continual leads.

Direct Approach

I’ve already mentioned direct approach through social media and forums but you can also be in contact with people through email and even direct mail (the old fashion way) and text messages or phone calls.

When I think about this I think holy macro that seems like alot of work but one call at a time is the way to go about it. It may seem like a daunting task but this is a lesson for staying in the moment and just be chill with whoever you are talking with and not being all salesy.

You have to remove the business component and see the world as a friendly place and not a place of work- just be yourself and stay on topic. Sales people have a laser focus while still being casual.

Receiving books in the mail or texts is an extremely personal touch and is a way to be in direct contact. You need to get permission first but when you do this is how you can stand out from all the rest. It really shows that an effort and how much you care. I love receiving mail goods- it has a direct feel.

Do what you love- be the love.

As I was writing this it gave me clarity because I used to do all these things naturally and I found it useful to remind myself that its not something you have to overthink.

It boils down to loving what you are doing which will be easier to motivate yourself but you can just keep a positive outlook and this will be natural to do.

Its true that you have to pick a niche that you love because driving traffic is where you spend the majority of your time. But eventually you become so well known that the momentum will take care of itself and people will come to you and that is when you have it made.

Thanks for reading and take care.