Domain, Hosting and CMS

Here you will find the first steps in building a website.

  1. Choosing a content management system.
  2. Deciding on the best web hosting providers.
  3. and getting a domain name.

A website has become a basic foundation for any business. I don’t know how seriously people will take your business if you don’t have a website.

The major reason it has become this way is of simplicity it is to get started.

Many people say they learned more in their first months than they did in years of browsing. I really wish I knew how easy it was to get everything set up and wish I had found a guide like this one a long long time ago.

For years I was just watching people on YouTube for example telling me about their business opportunities or I would see people promoting  on their homemade video classes. And it wasn’t anything I didn’t know already.

What I wanted was a crash course on building the site and understanding how it is done.

After a while there are only so many inspiration videos a person can watch before you’re like ‘ok, I’m done with your inspirational quotes, just show me how to build a site and make the money.’

So, without any further delay, lets build this damn thing already.

Domain Name, Web Hosting and Content Management Systems

To start we are dealing with the technical aspects of the internet.

I know it can seem overwhelming but the companies that offer these services have made it incredibly user friendly. You will be reading and writing CSS in no time!

In addition, any skill you learn while doing this is highly marketable. I read that some wordpress freelancers make 40 per hour.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. You can master design or video or marketing and all are sought after skills.

Step #1 Choose a Content Management System

We are going to be using as our Content Management System (different from is free to use and open sourced software which means it was built over time by thousands of people continually contributing to it. Software engineers and developers and even regular dudes have added to it bit by bit over the last 10 years!

Because is self hosted we will need a hosting provider and we will need to self optimize it ourselves for SEO (more on SEO later).

This nice thing about WordPress is that we can customize it too make it truly unique for our business. I am using it right now. It comes with built in themes to choose from but there are multi-million dollar design companies that have built additional themes that you can choose to use. There are also 30k plugins that give you even more options like building an email subscribers list and pretty links which make your URL or domain address ‘cleaner or prettier’ to read.

Our Content Management System is going to be This self hosted CMS has been around for over 10 years and has over 74 million users to date.

Amazing options for customization and monetizing your website. Amazing support on the forums.


If you’re interested I’ve seen two other content management systems: and

Step #2 Find a Hosting Provider

A hosting provider will let you store your data and/or content management system (

There are 4 types of providers:

  1. Shared Hosting (most common and cheapest). All domains share the same resources a single server provides so the server has a difficult time hosting high traffic. This is used as entry level and the cost is low, so is the security.
  2. Virtual Private Server Hosting. Runs an emulation of an operating system. You have higher security but still susceptible to traffic and any issues from other websites because you are still sharing a server with others.
  3. Dedicated Server Hosting. A single server exclusively for you.
  4. Cloud Hosting. A group of servers work together in conjunction to store your information.

To begin you only need Shared Hosting which is common place across the board. But as your business grows I would reinvest into the best hosting service offered.

These guys don’t show up as often when you search for hosting but they rank high from the reviews I’ve read. They are known for there excellent support staff and you can see from the photos how nice of a work environment they have (which says something about the company).

“Managed WordPress hosting on all plans.”



Shared hosting for WordPress bloggers. Basic and straightforward plan and what you need for starting out. Entry level security but you can upgrade to a Dedicated server.
They have a corporate feel to them. Feels less personal compared to SiteGround.
You will probably see these guys advertised the most.



Lots of additional features, tools and software offered. A+ rating with BBB.

Good options for shared hosting plans and room to move to enterprise for greater data and security.


All three of these companies:

  1. are reasonably priced.
  2. host WordPress.
  3. have options for growth as you expand your business.
  4. free domains for the first year.
  5. have good reviews and ratings.


When entering your URL instead of having an IP address which consists of a numerical value you instead have a domain name for your business (

The name consists of two parts the top- level domain which is the .com or .net and the second- level domain which is to the left and before the .com.

The companies I recommended will set you up with a FREE domain name to start and the cost is 15 per year afterwards.

The main thing right now will be choosing your domain name. This is difficult for some people, especially if you don’t know the type of business you want.

You should check out my page on Choosing a Niche and Keyword Research next which will help you choose an appropriate domain.

Our main focus is gathering momentum with this project as we don’t want to get stuck on a name for our business too long.

Consider the brand you want to create long term but also know that your website will grow organically if you are unsure of how to proceed right now. I only suggest you spend a day thinking about then sleep on it overnight and decide in the morning. This isn’t something that should take you months.

Besides, look at my domain- It looks like hell. LOL.

Wealthy Affiliate

For myself I am currently using Wealthy Affiliate which provides all the services you will need to build a website. It is how I learned how to do everything. You will get all the services described above and additional material so you can learn how to build your own web business.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review and experience.


  1. Sonny

    Hi there thank you for your review on building websites and web site hosting and places where we can do this.I have myself have been interested in ways to make money online and I found out the best way is to have your own web site as a way to get traffic and sell products,write reviews etc..
    I also have joined WA like you and I really enjoy the experience.
    Thank you again.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      You’re welcome. I’m quickly becoming an addict as well. LOL


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