Destination Landing Page

If you’ve landed here you’re following my tutorial. <————————(destination source command).

The code I entered on this page as my destination source above was:

<p id=”target4″>If you’ve landed here you must be doing my tutorial.</p>

Please note again the ‘target’ and the ‘text’ can be anything you want.

Lets return to the previous page, but lets add some extra commands. This time lets make our link with bold capital text. The command text is:

Go to the<strong>WELCOME BACK<strong>page!

We need the URL of our destination (previous page):

and this is our fifth time doing a page jump so our target code is going to be:


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Remember to add the backspace ‘/’ after the URL then ‘#’ then ‘target5’ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

We are using an attribute reference <a href=></a> command. All together the code/ command looks like this:

<a href=”″>Go to the <strong>WELCOME BACK<strong> page!</a>

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Remember to add the “quotations” before and after the address^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Go to the WELCOME BACK page!