Creating a Niche and Using Keywords

This has become the popularized term and you will see it everywhere. It’s the first thing you need to do and biggest decision you have to make. Your niche is your business. It is what you will be selling. And it can be whatever you want.

You may be able to immediately identify what your business is, or you may get so excited from all the possibilities that you have a hard time deciding. And some people are just unsure as to what will work. I see people in the Wealthy Affiliate forums asking for help when choosing a niche all the time. It is a big consideration but do not let it inhibit you.

When deciding there are two points I want you to consider that I’ve come to realize.

  • The best time to start is NOW.
  • There is always an audience.

Begin Now

Now is the best time. And the reason for this is because there will be so much for you to learn as you go that your business is in a constant state of refinement. You may discover yourself doing something you never indented of doing and loving it! You can achieve your vision but also the obstacles you face will have to be dealt with one at a time. When you start your business now you begin moving toward creating a vision and financial independence.

Your niche doesn’t have to be clever. I know we all love those unique and one of a kind ideas but basic necessities have a massive audience because there are items everyone buys daily.

I once attended a Startup Weekend in Hamilton, ON and we only had 54 hours among our group to come up with a platform to pitch to a panel of investors. We were forced to choose our niche within the first couple of hours. The room posted up all their ideas on the wall and the best concepts were chosen and we broke off into groups to work on those. We were forced to decide because time was of importance.

The big lesson was that during the time building our concept we underwent many changes and process of development. Your business will grow organically. Let it manifest naturally and release it.

Without taking action your idea is just an idea. You can literally imagine all the ways you plan on perfecting the idea to make it the best ever but until you take action it stays as an idea. Take action.

You will find your ‘tribe’.

Regardless of what you decide on, there are always going to be people interested in what you have to offer or participate in the activities you enjoy. I’ve had some interests that I was shy about when I was younger like comic books but when all the movies started coming out in the early 2000’s I found out how mainstream they actually were. So just do what you enjoy and you will have success if you continue through all the trouble shooting.

Actually often if your niche is unheard of you will find yourself with less competition and that means you have the chance to become the go to person in your field and that can translate to more customers.

the process of narrowing your niche…

Once we’ve chosen our niche we can use keywords to take a look to see if it can be refined and focused even further.

A keyword is a word you use in a google search to find what you are looking for. Websites take advantage of this through the technique known as Search Engine Optimization SEO. Websites want to drive traffic to their site by taking advantage of low competition keywords. When you are creating content for your website you want utilize words or phrases that are searched for frequently yet are not seen very often on other websites. You want your website to be the first that shows up when people are searching anything relevant to your website.

A niche will work better when it becomes narrowed to a specific. This focuses in on a the exact people who will be buying from us. Then we can create a community of like minded people.  Typically this is our community so it is something we are passionate about but I can also continuously be finding new niches. Part of the allure and appeal for your prospective customers is that you cater to their needs and take part in the excitement.

Lets see what it looks like on paper when you decide to narrow your niche. My friend was going to build a website as a musician in LA. Well big surprise- that is a flooded market. So we focused to find a customer:

LA Musician
LA Wedding Musician
LA Wedding Jazz Musician
LA Wedding Jazz Musician and targeting an income bracket   ( price will vary depending on your skill and experience and who you know who you can target)

From this process we went to something very broad and somewhat undefinable to a very specific group of people we can now target. When I begin advertising and selling I know exactly who I am trying to reach so all my effort can be focused on this.

What is a low competition keyword?

You can use to take advantage of low competition keywords to drive traffic to your site.

For example I just took advantage of a low competition keyword in this post. If I were to type in “low competition keyword” using it shows that an average of 100 people type that phrase into google monthly and over 300 websites have written content with those words. However, If I phrase it as a question “What is a low competition keyword?”, I still have a search average of 100 times per month yet only 9 websites are in competition for that phrase.

Therefore my index rank results will be higher when people search for that phrase. When I am determining how to find a target audience these synergies are linked. For the purpose of most people who are learning to search keywords are also learning how to build a website. This is an example of how you can find a target audience within your niche and take advantage of keywords.

The term niche is heard frequently enough when learning how to build a business from scratch. The word immediately conveys its meaning because you’ve probably read ten articles on choosing your niche already.  This means there is competition for this keyword among other websites. You will be up against other websites promoting niches.

Use to find less competitive keywords and get higher google rankings.

I am going to contradict myself…

Now that we understand how to choose a niche I am going to contradict myself by saying there are some things we can sell that people use everyday. Quite literally everyone brushes their teeth and uses toilet paper everyday. So items like this will always have a market. They may not be exciting but every person you come across is a consumer and you won’t even have to explain it. Sometimes its better to just go with what works instead of re-imagining.

You can also be creative and develop your own product and generate leads the old fashion way through email and cold calling. You may develop a specific niche and it would be more beneficial to market this way.


No matter what niche you choose, work flow is going to be important and you want to continue moving forward which means continual making decisions and taking action. Let me repeat that: Make decisions and take action. You need to arrive at a point where your business set up to make the sales. There are going to be many tasks you will need to complete and work through. Remember you cannot predict the future so you have to solve problems as they arise. Sometimes you will find your answer with a google search and other times you will have to ask for help. Be proactive in your adventure. There are no permanent decisions when building a website (most of the time) and you will learn from your mistakes and correct your mistakes. Continue to make decisions and execute and you will arrive at a point of satisfaction and soon you will be driving traffic and making sales.

If you spend too many hours just choosing a domain name like I did the first time you will take a long time to get anywhere. You need to make decisions fast. This is a learning experience and this is about doing your best to provide a service you believe is useful. Choose your niche now.