Conversion and Sales

The most important function of attraction and generating profit lies in your ability to convert your prospects.

This is the secret sauce that turns your efforts into dollars.

We’re talking about forming a lasting relationship with your visitors. Our ‘prospects’ will quickly become ‘clients’ when we view it as a working relationship.

If you are in marketing it will make sense to become friends with other marketers.

Trying to sell cold to someone random is the long way around. You will be converting at a tenth of decimal percentage- probably less.

Don’t let the individual get lost in the equation.

This is obvious but also a pivotal realization.

If you had to focus all your attention on one spot it would be here. The machine must be assembled and well oiled with the cognizance of user delivery.

Every person person who visits has a unique situation. Your funnel can direct them to the best solution.

If you can’t immediately answer that you can capture the lead.

Driving massive traffic is awesome but we can be specific two fold. First we target then we direct.

Every click, every page landed on is an experience that pushes the user through your sales process.

There are established methods available to us that will continue to warm the waters of our prospect until they reach buying temperature.

A cold approach is inclined to see a higher bounce rate. Build recognition and trust from your prospect before offering the sale.

A well planned sales funnel has the capacity to address and manage the user experience on a personalized level.

Engagement will make your business stand out. Your effort is showing.

 Be sure to check out my product review of ClickFunnels to see how a funnel can help boost your sales.

If you have to, draw out an action plan on a white board so you can clearly identify the pages in your sales process and how they are connected.

How does it feel for you, when you navigate your sales funnel? What call to actions do you have along the way?

Be precise and know who is clicking where and why if you want to convert at a higher rate. A funnel will give you the ability to target specifically.

There are many points to consider and perfect.

We want to reduce the bounce rate. How can we capture attention and trust as quickly as possible?

Authenticity and authority. Those are the two elements that trump all the others.

The other elements may be seen as triggers. But if you combine triggers with authentic authority you have a real winner.

And this can’t be faked overnight.

Because it takes time to build trust and a following. You have to be in it for the long term.You have to be committed until the end. And every person counts and is reflective of the whole.

And that scares a lot of people and it scared me too because its a big commitment. But it actually allows you to engage on a deeper level.

We really need to align with ourselves and be honest to our purpose. This has the effect of creating more response from our audience and understanding their needs and their problems. We have a short period of time to be acquainted initially and need to drive to the heart of the matter and identify with them.

Get to the heart of the matter an know your purpose. Know the purpose of what you are selling and who will benefit most and how they will benefit.

Listen, there are people who have mastered conversion techniques. I’m learning from them. I’ve bought their products and I’m implementing the strategies I’ve learned. And that’s why I’ve chosen to sell some of those products on this site because they’ve helped me out so they can help you as well.

Once you’ve embraced that this is who you are and have been resolute in your commitment you will attract people to you.

If I say “I’m Steven and I really like online marketing and creating my own websites because it gives me creative freedom and earning potential and if I can have success doing this anyone can because you have to believe that this is a replicable process. If its true then its true you have to believe and you have to persevere.”

So that would be a definite conviction that shows authentic qualities and it shows authority because it says “I’m here and I’m not going away and I enjoy doing this.”

Once we’ve firmly staked our position in our marketplace we will have people that will identify with us and who will share their story with us. We’re building relationships and we want to be true so they can have success as well if they copy our process.

I say sometimes that you may have original ideas but the majority of the time a process is copied from another. Like not identically but there are certain analytics that dictate what will work. And when you combine those analytics or conversion triggers with your own unique creativity you have a winner.

What we have is an improvement upon an old model.

The fastest way to reach your goal is to copy an old model and improve upon it.

Everything is taken or borrowed from its predecessor. One idea builds upon another.

If you’ve read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ the basic premise is to write down your objective and then seek others who can aid you in that quest but above all you must persevere until the end!!!

We have awards to acknowledge success and high achievement and the major thing that makes these people distinct is that they persevere.

Whatever you are doing already has your unique signature on it so it will always spark from the heart.

Anything original only remains so for a brief period of time before it is copied and triumphed over.

This is progress but also the micro resembles the macro and the macro resembles the micro.

Its how the information world of the internet has become so large so quickly.

Only a decade ago the internet was beginning to be used by a few thousand people and today it’s used by hundreds of millions.

The people who made the serious bucks were at the forefront and since then everything has been copied (there is still money to be made always).

Usually the first model will launch a trend, but it is the second model that becomes the success and most known.

The potential is noticed and then improved upon the existing template.

Ok, now with these above few statements you can see we are moving into another thing that relies on previous data and analytics from years of testing. Our efforts can be duplicated because we have the computer data that tells us what works.

Once we’ve established our authentic personality and our authority by essentially being persistent we can use triggers to further CONVERT and make SALES.

Its the small tweaking that can make a huge difference that you might not have seen, its not so obvious. But we have computer programs that can track the clicks on a screen so we are taking away the human error.

If you’re going to be stubborn about it and not use this there is no help.

Do not do things the way you’ve always done them if they aren’t working. I always cross examine myself and see what I am doing and keep a lookout at what others are doing.

It takes concentrated effort to implement the changes you need to be successful. You need to have your thoughts and your words and your writing finely tuned in. Its like a frequency or a wavelength or stream of consciousness. We are fine tuning to invite the things into our life we want by directly streaming our minds to that frequency.

I can have anything I want, I really believe that, because anything I’ve done in my life I’ve seen verifying degrees of success.

People charge 10 thousand dollars per month to build sales funnels that convert. This process is so powerful and becomes specialized once you begin to notice the triggers and use them.

So what exactly do I mean by triggers? I’ve been talking about it without explaining it directly but also using it very subtly but not necessarily deliberate but making some effort to incorporate it.

A deliberate trigger would be a title like ‘Rare perspective on conversion theory that will increase your prospects trust’ or ‘5 subconscious triggers to keep your visitors clicking’.

If I tell you that then you know explicitly that’s what I am doing. And we’re talking psychology now so it’s going to be obvious but if I was selling hockey equipment or landscaping techniques you wouldn’t know whats capturing your attention outright but hopefully I’ve done a good job so far so lets keep going and take a look at a few more examples.

In the example above with the titles you might get interested if you know about these subjects because I used the words ‘rare’ and ‘5 subconscious triggers’, so right away its becomes not so obvious. What is happening is a sense of SECRECY and MYSTERY.

These are compelling concepts people are naturally attracted to.

We use the headline to capture attention and then lure the prospect in.

People want what they don’t have. This is classic shinny object syndrome or fear of missing out.

Its human nature and really it takes training to be content with what you have but also strive towards what you desire.

Yet sometimes people won’t always make the choice to move towards their fears that will push them towards what they really want.

People will spend more time avoiding pain than plowing through it to reach  a goal.

And it is easier to read about obtaining a goal then to put the consistent work in to get to where you need to be.

So imagine where you see yourself and the joy and excitement that could bring and use that as motivation. Really this is the mindset that empowers people to make the changes.

So you can bait with the fear but then turn that emotion on its head by providing the solution. And when people see the solution to the fear they will convert. They will pay you to help them remove the pain that has been nagging.

Obviously you have a delicate situation here so you really have to be confident and genuine in your approach. You have to know that you can help be a catalyst and help people make that change so they can put forth the effort that will bring results so they can see the new paradigm.





  1. roamy

    Hello Steven
    I have a website that is not making any sales so l went looking for answers in google as to what i might be doing wrong and my search brought me to your site.
    As said, I’m looking to convert my traffic into sales but up to now seems I’m doing it wrong, l have enough traffic but sales are slow and far between.
    Reading your post, l cant see what I’m doing wrong, i have done all you advice so I’m sure the sales will start to come, i just have to be patient.
    Thanks so much for a very well written,well explained article on how to increase conversion and sales,really enjoyed your post.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Also make sure you are targeting the right kind of people with your traffic that will help. Read my post: And i’m implementing some stuff from Dan Kennedy about getting prospects to warm up to you before asking them or offering anything to sell. You can do this with emails, videos, surveys and related bonus gifts so that they become familiar with you on a personal level.


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