Committed to residual affiliate income for life.


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I basically put this website on hold for over a month now as (in my best gangster voice) I was presented with an offer I couldn’t refuse. I stumbled upon an amazing opportunity that I had to pursue and I made a bunch of mistakes but also some terrific progress.

First, I will say I am committed to residual income. For sure that is where its at right now. Look at Netflix as a simple example. You pay a membership fee and gain access to all the shows you can handle. There’s too much to watch even. Look at the price points of entry. They have three options or models from 10 bucks to 20 a month. Video stores have closed because of Netflix programs. They’re residual or recurring income models for the owners. You know, this way the owner is guaranteed a withdraw of 10 bucks every month.

Farmers plant seeds and watch them grow. They spend time pruning and watering and monitoring and when its time they harvest. Its residual which means there’s still work involved but once its growing its growing and it only needs maintenance. Its a continual source of evergreen instead of working for a single cash payout. No, set it up like a farm and let your crop feed you. Cash Crops!




Residual Affiliate Income is the Goal!



Like I said, I’ve been busy working on a new sports app and the only reason I found out about it was because I was building a sales funnel for my site. Essentially, buy opting into these courses I made good on my word and I’m seeing the fruits of my labor. When a door opens….
You know some people were skeptical and I understood that and I wasn’t sure myself but I really badly wanted to see what was on the other side of that door so I took chances on these products and they offered me opportunities I wouldn’t of had. There are plenty of job opportunities with ClickFunnels (read my review) 
and it truly is the next wave of ‘ready to go’ tech.

I basically spent a whole month building a brand as an affiliate for this app. I built a website, business cards, posters, advertising…the whole distance! And I went out into the field with my clipboard. I was on street corners, I went to the football games with cards, I approached bars and told friends. In the beginning I over complicated it and I worked 22 hour days because I had so much adrenaline going. Its funny though because it’s way simpler than that and the simpler you can market something the better.

Keep the offer simple up front!

This app is going to be huge! Like I said, the entry point is simple up front. It’s a free to play, free to join sports game, check it out! 

So if I had to recap the last 6 months almost, all my assumptions were wrong. Marketing is a lot more casual than I realized. Well, I did realize it, I think of the best promoters at a club and they’re extremely casual. Alcohol labels are casual… I heard people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold. The more I underplayed the situation the better the results. I put up a tremendous effort at first but it was like I had tunnel vision and made it more complicated than it had to be.

So all of this stuff is easy, it just takes some getting used to.

And as a result my hits have been growing.

I am committed to the vision.

Right now my goals are 100 sales of Wealthy Affiliate, 100 sales of ClickFunnels, and 100 members for this sports app.

Its the 100 club.

The goal is 1 a day for 300 days or 3 a day for 100 days. Either works but the point is to keep the commitment to see it grow.

I’m super excited to get into this further in the upcoming posts and get into more detail.

Also it happened by chance that everything I’m offering on this site so far is affiliate income. I never planed it that way when I first started. It’s incredible now to look back on it. The great thing is these are transferable skills. You can take the skills you learn here and use them to sell anything. Gym memberships, supplements, online tutoring. I’ve seen professional schools offering the online tutoring with membership costs. Anyone can build a membership site.

Eventually, I’m going to build a membership site of my own and create an affiliate program for that. But I’m getting too excited that might be premature LOL.

Building your own website is a great entry point for anyone starting out online. Affiliate programs let you offer other peoples products. Its easy to start out. I’ve compiled a database of resource under the ‘Learn’ tab and I will be narrowing and reviewing that in the future to make it as ‘noob’ friendly as possible. Because it should be easy if you can do it that way.

Accessibility is important. Everything you offer should be accessible for all your visitors. I know right now some of my articles won’t be read and are kinda pointless unless I can drive home the main message. I will be sure to review those.

Stay tuned for my 100 days updates and ask if you have any questions.




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