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250,000+++ Different Types of Sales Funnels Created
$63,161,974+++ Sales Made with User Designed Funnels


Sooooo…..What the heck is a sales funnel anyway?! Allow me to demonstrate. 


Hi I’m Steven and let me explain how target marketing and conversions work and why I’m so excited about ClickFunnels.
When we start our business it doesn’t actually start until we have our first person walking through the door. I first became aware of the up selling from a book by Frank Kerns called Convert. Essentially, we begin by paying for traffic which bring the right people into our business- our target audience. At this point we’ve spent money on our business and we are seeking to recoup it with an entry level low budget product designed to simply recoup your costs and get our customers warmed up to us. At this point we’ve only broke even but that’s alright because we’ve established a relationship. From here our prospects or customers respect us for the value we provide. They are ‘warm’ to us and are inclined to purchase our premium end merchandise and services.

Selling cold from a flat website is like driving 20 mph on a 100 mph freeway.

McDonalds for example doesn’t make any profit off of the burgers they sell. Its the soda pop (water and sugar) and the french fries (potatoes) that make them the money. The burger only gets you into the restaurant where they break even and the upsells on the cookies and the ‘ice cream’ and the hash browns make them the profits.

What else does Mcdonalds have in place? An automated system. It is replicated over and over so that any franchise you visit you can expect the same. I know what I get from McDonalds every time.

FunnelThe best marketers in the business duplicate this process with sales funnels.

Its about the navigational components.

In come the visitors and out comes the cash.


Do you know what sales funnel is right for your business?

There are many different types of funnels relevant to your specific business.
Use the appropriate funnel to deliver the goods.


ClickFunnels is all you need to fully automate your business.

Its so good it should scare you.

All those other tools and plugins you’ve been using will become obsolete.


The internet is becoming increasingly crowded and technology improves at an accelerated pace.

More and more people are logging online YET never in history has the individual had the ability to greater impact the world.

Entrepreneurs have the power to fully automate a turn key business single handed.

Technology allows you to build sales funnel that gets your message out to your audience as fast as possible.

Before you needed web hosting, a content management system, an email autoresponder and all those other tools and plugins and design themes and Zzzzzzzzzzz….

ClickFunnels replaces all this with one easy to use software piece.

Those on the cusp of technological advancements that utilize it to their advantage will be on the forefront of business.

Think about it. Today’s technology out dates the old from even a year ago. Look at this timeline.

1990’s the first web browsers were built.
2000 Amazon launches its affiliates program. But you need to understand coding if you want a browser.
2003, an open sourced free software bloging platform is launched.
2005 eCommerce sites like Shopify and Squarespace get rid of the use for the average person to use wordpress software.
2010 Due to competition, marketing become mainstream and accessible. Data and Analytics use increase.
2014 ClickFunnels is released effectively destroying the competition.

Improvements are made incrementally and the rate of acceleration increases exponentially because of that.

Anyone with a moderate knowledge of tech can build a fully automated business on their own with the correct software.

ClickFunnels turns you into an army of one.

To achieve success you need to adopt the proven methods of those before you.
Its a cookie cutter solution.

Its not even a hypothetical or theoretical guess as to what works.
Data computing tracks what users click and can be compared for best results with split testing.

If you aren’t using split testing and data tracking then STOP GUESSING!


Remember the computer that recently beat the worlds best Chinese Go players? It learns incrementally, analyzing every move. In the beginning it looses all its games but it reaches a point where it has calculated every single move available from start to finish and it reaches a point that surpasses human comprehension.

Its like Deep Blue, the computer that beat the worlds best chess champion Gary Kasparov in 1997. Gary won the first match in 1996 but only a year later the machine out performed him by using the data it had gathered.

Predictive programming. The rate of acceleration is unprecedented.

Did you know that NASA didn’t have a mission to go to Mars? One man on his own decided to fund a company to make life on other planets a possibility for the human race. And he didn’t stop there. Elon Musk built Tesla Motors, Solar City and Paypal- ridiculous!!

ClickFunnels puts your conversion process on steroids.
Stop wasting your time fumbling around.
Only results matter.
ClickFunnels is simple to employ and will improve your conversion rates.

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Here is a list of what ClickFunnels offers:

Free Setup Fee
Complete Hosting
Landing Page Builder
Drag and Drop Editor
Sell your Products/ Services
What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor
Mobile Optimized Pages
Pro Themes and Templates
A/B Split Testing
Page and Funnel Builder
One Click Upsells/ Downsells
Opt-In Forms
Conversion Tracking and Stats
Membership Sites
Wordpress Plugin
Email Builder
Email Follow Up

All of this for $99 per month

With an option to upgrade to a Full Suite giving you access to Actionetics and Backback sections to turbo charge your business.
$249 per month for this PRO Suite
Ready for your FREE 14 day trial??? Click Here.

Actionetics lets you see who is directly using your website. You will see exactly the customer segment they belong to and be able to create a specific marketing campaign for that person. Effectively you will have multiple campaigns running for each customer segment!
Speak directly to each of your unique visitors!

Backpack is a new feature released with ClickFunnels v2.0 that is used to set up your own personal affiliate campaigns.
Russell Brunson used this to promote his book DotComSecrets.
Get a free copy of DotComSecrets (pay less than $10 for shipping) 

20160727_1306511Wait! This gets even better because they have a killer affiliate program.

Earn %40 recurring commissions and 2-tier %5 commissions
AND with the relaunch of ClickFunnels v2.0 when you sell 100 memberships earn a bonus monthly check used towards the purchase of your Dream Car !
(Russell says not to get a Ferrari because they always break down)
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  1. Sharon May

    I like Click Funnels a lot, but they’re expensive compared to Thrive Leads. I remember that there’s a few more things you can do with Click Funnels, but for me the extra cost didn’t warrant something that I wasn’t going to use. I guess it’s all about needs, maybe when I’m richer I’ll have another look at them – well worth it though if you get your use out of it.

    1. Steven (Post author)

      It’s the most complete option on the market from what I’ve seen. You get what you pay for. Russell has been marketing for over 10 years and the guys he follows are leaders in the industry. Plus, his affiliate promotions have great incentives. I was thinking of doing a review of Instabuilder 2.0 or Thrive Themes, just so people can compare.

  2. WealthandHealth2016

    This seems like it can do a lot of the work for aspiring online marketers that are looking to generate money, but it is somewhat of a steep price. $99 a month is not a joke, have you personally used this? If so for how long and how much business did it get to you? Sorry I am asking a lot of questions but I am really interested, and my last question is can this be used to attract readers to your blog when you arent necessarily selling anything?

    1. Steven (Post author)

      Hi there, Yes I am using it. I bought one of the bonus packages they offer for a grand, that comes with a bunch of training and no obligations. I am still playing around with it. You will have to check back soon to see it all in action.
      You can still use it to attract readers. There are plenty of email options and specific direct response engagement that you can use. But I would consider selling something related to your blog as part of the funnel. You can keep it hidden and it will only show to the people who enter the funnel.

  3. Norman

    Thanks for sharing, you know many years ago if you told me that i would one day be building and online business I would think that you were probbaly crazy. And here I ma today doing just that building and online business. This business intails a lot of work but if you are willling to put in the time sky is the limit. This is the first time that I have heard about funnel I am sure that your readers will love what you are offering, your website is well detailed and filled with a lot of information, thanks again and have a good day.


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