Affiliate Disclaimer

In an effort to be transparent, you should understand that nearly all connections and links you see on the internet are some form of networking.

Anyone trying to make any kind of earnings online (and in person) has formed friendships and partnerships with their peers.

I am no different.

Social network sites like LinkedIn are entirely network based. There are proven methods for building a prominent profile. It doesn’t matter who you are.

I used to think affiliate marketing was some shady business but the truth is most people are seeking a partnership or referral.

This is the way to grow your business.

Affiliate marketing is a business 2 business partnership and you should know that the majority of businesses I refer on my site are a part of an affiliate program.

Please know that many of theĀ links you click for the products and services I recommend on this site will place a cookie in your browser. This acts as a tracking device and enables me to make commissions off of anything you buy through me.

This practice is extremely common place.

Know that I do not promote blindly.

I have done the best research for myself and you, having spent hundreds of hours and dollars developing my site.

Thank you.