About Steven

CaptureMeHi I’m Steven and I’ve been spending obscene amounts of time online since 1982 (practically).

Anything you want is available online! Literally everything. My brother buys his clothes online and you can buy movie tickets or make dinner reservations and book travel destinations. Heck, people even meet their partners online.

We got our first computer when I was a teenager and I was into dos prompt so I could install the latest video game. It wasn`t until later I began noticing the applications it had with the real world. Its nice to arrive at a point where I can use its functionality in a meaningful way that can have an impact.

I grew up living a very active lifestyle. We were always playing sports and competing. I can be pretty obstinate in my ways sometimes but I’ve learned collaboration (especially internet networking) is more powerful than independence

I am interested in  sustainable design research and development. I look at traditional models of living and combine them with modern methods. There are numerous global issues that need attention. I think the individual can play a large part by being involved on the local level and taking those solutions into their own hands and implementing them within their surroundings.

I have some green projects in mind I am working on to solve some environmental issues. I believe the business model is also right. It has to be profitable to get anything running.  I love design- from business models to architecture to landscaping. Design is intelligently combining style with a practical method of operation.

The goal of this website is to lay out a design that will walk both myself and my users through the process of building a business.