100 Day Challenge!!!

100daysToday I am posting twice. Bonus content…as if you didn’t have enough to read already…

No, it’s not the zombie apocalypse. I am starting 100 day challenge to see how many ClickFunnels memberships I can sell in that time. The goal is 100.

Because I am already a member I was given an invite to sell Funnels and after watching them in action and already building my own, I am a believer!

Ya, they cost more than other landing pages but they really are the highest quality from what I’ve seen. If they’re able to generate thousands per month than the membership fee is peanuts.

So I am breaking it down systematically.

Build a funnel, write the email scripts and post on social media with ads. I will probably be paying for ads with this campaign.

I’m kinda doing two things at once right now taking on this challenge and I have few weeks left for my sports app that I’m doing. I have a good team of 10 but would like to get to 50.

These are ambitious goals. But most of the work is done on the app, I just have to invite people.

Ok, for the challenge it works like I said, build a landing page, have an opt in so I can email people automated sales scripts, and use facebook ads to promote.

A cool bonus is that I am getting help from Russell to do this so that is a huge leg up. There is tons of support and I want to give all my guys the help they need as well.

LOL, so much going on.

I just got home from delivering with Uber and I was like “I have to get on this right away and just post, so when I wake up I can start fresh.”

Its time to ride or die.


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